Did Tottenham Hotspur win the trophy last time? How many times did the Spurs claim silver?

Tottenham’s pursuit of silver has been well documented over the past decade as the club has become a regular contender for the trophy in England and Europe.

While the Spurs hibernated as the center of the table for most of the 1990s, the Spurs broke through as a consistent club in the first half of the early 20th century and began to fight for European positions consistently, starting in 2010 with fourth place. Since then, the Spurs in the Premier League have finished no worse than seventh.

Nevertheless, the modern silver Spurs avoided as the club continued to seek a great title. Despite his sixth position in the league at the turn of the new year, Antonio Conte has Spurs in search this season, as the London team still lives in the FA Cup.

However, the elimination, which suffered in the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup in the hands of Chelsea, raises some doubts as to how long the wait will last:

When was Tottenham last won the trophy?

The Spurs have won silver in the past, but it’s been a while. The last trophy the club won is the League Cup in 2008 (Carling Cup, later Carabao Cup), where they defeated Chelsea 2: 1 in overtime.

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The goals of Dimitar Berbatov and Jonathan Woodgate were won by Spurs in this match, the latter came four minutes into overtime. Notable names in the Spurs for this match include Jermaine Jenas and Robbie Keane, with Ledley King as captain and English national team player Paul Robinson in goal. They defeated such as Petr Čech, Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard, who all took over for Chelsea.

In the run-up to the final, the Spurs beat Middlesbrough, Blackpool and Manchester City by 2: 0. In the semifinals, they surpassed the North London rival Arsenal. Spurs drew 1: 1 on the Emirates pitch before the decisive second match. A 5: 1 victory sent them together 6: 2.

What trophies has Tottenham won?

Before winning the EFL Cup 2007-08, the Spurs have had a number of competitive victories, but most of them came some time ago.

Tottenham won the FA Cup in 1991 when they defeated Roy Kean and Nottingham Forest in a 2: 1 final and also in overtime. Terry Venables was in charge and chose Gary Lineker to start for Spurs ahead, but the winner came after his own goal when Des Walker placed the ball in his own net.

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The last league title dates back to 1961, when the top five were closed by Sheffield Wednesday, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Burnley and Everton.

Tottenham Hotspur trophies

Competition Season runner-up
First Division 1950-51
Man United (by 4 points)
Sheff. Wednesday (by 8 points)
Second Division 1919-20
Huddersfield Town (6 points)
Sheff. Wednesday (by 9 points)
FA Cup 1900-01
Sheff. United (3-1 in last match)
Wolverhamton (1-0 in final)
Leicester City (2-0 in the final)
Burnley (3-1 in the final)
Chelsea (2-1 in the final)
Man City (3-2 in the final)
QPR (1-0 in last match)
Nottingham Forest (2-1 in the final)
League cup
(EFL Cup)
Aston Villa (2-0 in the final)
Norwich City (1-0 in the final)
Leicester City (1-0 in the final)
Chelsea (2-1, at final)
(European League)
Wolverhampton (3-2 on agg.)
Anderlecht (2-2 on agg., 4-3 PK)

How many finals do the Spurs have?

In addition to the above 14 Cup finals, the Spurs also painfully approached the silver medal on several other occasions.

In fact, Tottenham have had a number of close fights lately, losing three times in the EFL Cup final three times since the last trophy was picked up in 2008. The last time the Spurs lost to Manchester City in the final in 2021, they lost 1-0 to Aymeric Laporte. Spurs also lost in the 2015 edition and in the 2009 final.

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In the FA Cup, the Spurs were very successful when they reached the final. They lost only once, in 1987, while they won the competition, they reached the finals another eight times.

Tottenham also lost in the UEFA Champions League final to Liverpool in 2019, losing 2-0 to the club’s first run so deep in the tournament.

Tottenham Hotspur finished second

Competition Season Master
First Division
(Premier League)
Liverpool (by 6 points)
Man United (by 4 points)
Man United (8 points)
Everton (by 6 points)
Chelsea (7 points)
Second Division 1908-09
Bolton Wanderers (1 point)
Stoke City (1 point)
FA Cup 1986-87 Coventry City (3-2 years in the final)
League cup 1981-82
Liverpool (3-1 in the final)
Blackburn (2-1 in the final)
Man United (0-0 years, 4-1 PKs)
Chelsea (2-0 in the final)
Man City (1-0 in the final)
UEFA Champions League 2018-19 Liverpool (2-0 in the final)
UEFA Cup 1973-74 Feyenoord (4-2 on agg.)


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