Playoff DraftKings Tips: NFL DFS Lineup Tips for Eagles-Buccaneers Wild Card Showdown

The Eagles and Buccaneers will start Sunday’s play-off around the wild card. Our DraftKings Showdown selections include post-season nails by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Of course, the field will be high on Brady and Gronk, so we’ve included some DFS throwing darts and sleepers, who should have relatively low ownership.

Here are the important settings for single-draft DraftKings games: That’s right full point PPR, and they are three-point bonuses for 300 yards, 100 rushing yards, a 100 receiving yards. Selecting a captain costs 1.5 times the player’s original prize, but his total points also multiply by 1.5.

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DraftKings Showdown Tips: Eagles vs. Buccaneers

With a budget of $ 50,000, you need at least one player from each team.

Captain: (1.5x salary, 1.5x points): TE Rob Gronkowski, Buccaneers ($ 13,800)

The Eagles allowed the most DK points to close during the base season and with Chris Godwin (ACL) and Antonio Brown out of the picture, Gronk could easily be Tom Brady’s No. 1 goal in the post-season. We know he’s the dominant force in the red zone, but he’s also 100 yards ahead in this match. The 7-120-2 line wouldn’t surprise anyone, would it?

FLEX: QB Tom Brady, Buccaneers ($ 11,400)

Brady with a few pass catchers has been a recipe for DFS success for most of the year, so we’re returning it in the first round of the playoffs. Brady’s numbers and resume speak for themselves and he will probably be the best “captain”, so we will avoid this chalk and at the same time benefit from its greatness. He is also more than likely to reach a bonus of 300 yards per pass.

FLEX: WR Scottie Miller, Buccaneers ($ 4,400)

Our original selection here was Cyril Grayson (hamstring), but because it’s now “doubtful” to play, Scottie Miller has a similar boom-or-bust profile. He’s a speed enthusiast like Grayson and will probably share this deeply dangerous role with Breshad Perriman.

FLEX: RB Boston Scott, Eagles ($ 6,400)

Tampa Bay has released RB’s second-largest revenue this year (117), so Scott should be in line for several landfills. We’ll see if he can be explosive with his touch, but since this is a full PPR score, we’ll be happy to include him here. Miles Sanders will have an injured hand, so maybe his role in the pass will be limited and Scott will be a satellite there.

FLEX: WR DeVonta Smith, Eagles ($ 8,400)

Smith is Jalen Hurts No. 1 WR, but he doesn’t get tons of volume. At this point, Philadelphia will probably have to go through more than she would like, so Smith could achieve his 100-yard bonus, whether it’s a waste of time or not. In the end, we build this report on the idea that Tampa Bay scores with ease and gives large numbers, so Smith’s natural counter is on the other side of the matter.

FLEX: Tampa Bay Buccaneers D / ST (5,000 USD)

In the first playoff game of their career, Hurts could find that the onslaught on a pass to Tampa Bay is too great for Hurts, and we again expect the Eagles to have to pass to keep up. Philadelphia will have to go aside in this case, and the more Hurts is asked to pass, the more likely it is to make a mistake. It’s hard to really estimate turns, but if nothing else, the Eagles should have a hard scoring.


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