No, Kodak Black didn’t have sex during the Canucks vs. Panthers

Should the NHL give Kodak Black a five-minute big spear penalty?

The 24-year-old rapper attended Tuesday’s game between the Canucks and the Panthers, which is not so surprising given that he is a native of Pompano Beach, Florida. Kodak Black (legal name Bill Kapri) watched part of the match with a woman from their rink seat and were seen several times at the FLA Live Arena Jumbotron.

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Kodak Black and the woman eventually got into the suite, and that’s when it became, uh, interesting. While the Panthers were busy controlling the Canucks, the pair seemed to be engaged in their own physical activity. A video released by a fan sitting across the arena led some Twitter users to believe that Kodak Black had sex with a woman during a live NHL game.

However, this theory was quickly refuted after Bally Sports reporter Katie Gaus revealed that it was “just twerking.” Sunrise Police Department later confirmed that Kodak Black had not committed any illegal acts. According to WPLG Local 10 in Miami, he was just “young and having fun” with the woman.

Kodak Black has also released a video that shows that he and the woman were fully clothed while dancing in the suite.

The Panthers and the NHL promoted Kodak Black’s presence during the game, but they seemed to avoid making any mention of him on social media after the video became viral. Greg Wyshynski of ESPN reached both the Panthers and the league for a comment on the incident, but they did not contact him until Wednesday afternoon.

The Panthers won 5: 2, their sixth victory in seven games. Fortunately for everyone, everything was scored and manipulated with an ice hockey stick.


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