Playoff FanDuel Tips: NFL DFS Hints for Raiders-Bengals Wild Card in One Game

The Raiders and Bengals will start the playoff weekend with what could be a high-scoring Saturday afternoon wild card showdown. These are always fun for DFS, but it can be difficult to configure the best lineup with so many guys who have a real advantage on the table. Our single-game FanDuel lineup will have some of the usual cast, but elsewhere we’ll also invite some sleepers who are ideal for GPP tournaments.

Here are the key scoring settings for one FanDuel competition: The total number of points for an “MVP” is multiplied by 1.5, but it costs no more money as a “Captain” in DraftKings Showdown competitions. FanDuel’s default scoring is half point PPR and four-point passing TDand there are no DraftKings bonuses for 100/300 yard games.

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FanDuel Single-Game DFS Tips: Raiders Vs. Bengals

With a budget of $ 50,000, you need at least one player from each team.

MVP: (1.5x points): WR Ja’Marr Chase, Bengals ($ 13,500)

The last time we saw Chase play a full game, it exploded at 50.1 FD points. It’s a volatile receiver with the same precedence as any player in the league, so it’s the perfect choice for our MVP selection. But there will definitely be a chalk selection, so we will have to throw a few keys into our set to make it a little different.

FLEX: QB Joe Burrow, Bengals ($ 16,500)

Burrow will also be chalk, but it’s hard to see a world where the Bengals are winning and Burrow isn’t in all the winning teams. We’ve seen him rise to 500 yards and a few scores, and even though he’s struggling with a minor knee injury, we’re not playing with fear here.

FLEX: TE Darren Waller, Raiders ($ 10,500)

Waller also has minor knee problems and we hope this will discourage a lot of DFS players. Last week, he played 78 percent of the Raiders’ offensive strikes to a minimum this season, but in week 18 he pulled nine targets (the third most this season) against the Chargers. That means he could continue with another week of recovery. back to the target pig role he has had in the last few seasons. Cincinnati allowed the most FD TE points this year.

FLEX: WR Tyler Boyd, Bengals ($ 12,000)

Burrow double stacks have made a lot of money this season, and since we really can’t afford Chase and Tee Higgins, we’ll take Boyd next to Chase. Boyd has averaged just over 15 FD points in his last three competitions, and if the game turns into a shootout, as expected, he has every opportunity to beat his price tag.

FLEX: WR DeSean Jackson, Raiders ($ 7,500)

Jackson played 8 snaps with the lowest season against the Chargers, but doesn’t that sound like a classic D-Jax long touchdown in a “prime-time” spot? Cincinnati will focus on Waller and Hunter Renfrow, and all Jackson needs is a long touchdown to make it pay off. The Bengals have limited opportunities this season, but playing in the division with Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Baltimore has certainly helped them in statistics. Las Vegas will need to remain aggressive to keep up with this high-scoring issue.


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