Ranking of the 9 best candidates for coaching Giants, who will replace the fired Joe Judge in 2022

The Giants dropped the mallet on Joe Judge and fired the coach after just two seasons. New York only went 10-23 with the former Patriots special teams coach at the helm and decided on a quick change.

The team will be looking for its 22nd head coach in its long franchise history. Since two Super Bowl leader Tom Coughlin ended in 2015, the Giants have gone through Ben McAdo, Steve Spagnuol, Pat Shurmur and Judge in just six seasons.

There is no doubt that the Giants will be looking for another long-term goalkeeper on the sidelines again. Here are the top nine candidates for owner John Maru and Steve Tische:

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Joe Judge replacements for Giants

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Head Coach (age: 58)

That’s bullshit. If the invaders don’t make it, the bears go the other way and the dolphins really aren’t interested, Big Blue has to go after the man in charge of Big Blue. Harbaugh will be successful wherever he returns in the NFL, but it must be a draw with a chance of a big victory sooner than later. The Giants agree, and former quarterback Harbaugh should be sure he can help Daniel Jones become a star quarterback.

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Eric Bieniemy, Chief Offensive Coordinator (age: 52)

With seven openings, it must be a year for right-handed Andy Reid and key mentor Patrick Mahomes, right? The Giants are overdue for the minority coach and Bieniemy would be an ideal candidate for Jones’ improvement. He also has a friendly personality who is critical to the survival of the NFL’s most challenging media market.

Dan Quinn, Cowboys Defense Coordinator (age: 51)

There seems to be more blizzard around DQ, which is returning to head coach duties, one year since his time in Atlanta (which included running Super Bowl 51). Quinn did a great job turning the defense of Dallas around. And he will also have his hands off when it comes to getting a more offensive juice around Jones.

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Kellen Moore, Cowboys Offensive Coordinator (age: 33)

Moore was also sharp on the other side of the ball for Mike McCarthy. In last year’s recruitment cycle, he was considered too young for many teams, but he is much stronger in the game after getting the healthy Dak Prescott back on the track in an explosive attack. He doesn’t care about the youth, because the former star quarterback Boise State has proved that he is mature after his age.

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Brian Flores, former head coach of the Dolphins (age: 40)

Hiring from Bill Belichick’s tree near Judge didn’t work. But Flores did a good job helping the rebuilt Miami team overcome the last two seasons. The giants can take advantage of the brief dolphin bug and strengthen Flores. He would constantly add to their defensive strength, but he would also deploy the right personnel to strengthen Jones in the right way.

Doug Pederson, former Eagles head coach (age: 53)

The Giants should stop thinking about their former selves and think more about the success of the divisional rivals. The current Cowboys are good goals, but so is Pederson, who was taken a year from his 52th Philadelphia Super Bowl. There’s a good chance he could be McCarthy this year.

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Brian Daboll, Bills Offensive Coordinator (age: 46)

Daboll did a great job with Josh Allen and is about to get a good chance. He will make the most of Jones’ arm and mobility and ensure that the Giants improve everything they needed around him.

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Mike McDaniel, 49ers Offensive Coordinator (age: 38)

McDaniel is a bright star shining under Kyle Shanahan. Yale graduate is smart and has a pedigree, he also works under Quinn in Atlanta. He also draws NFC East, helping Mike Shanahan in Washington. Here’s another strong candidate with Jones in mind.

Kevin O’Connell, Rams Attack Coordinator (age: 36)

Are you keeping up with the Jones theme? Hiring Sean McVay’s assistants also works, people. (See Zac Taylor, Matt LaFleur and – despite the unsatisfactory end of the Chargers – Brandon Staley). The Giants have a great decision to make a majority after the judge: another fresh face, or to go with someone with great winning experience.


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