NFL Odds, Lines, Points Range: Updated play-off betting information for selecting each wild card game

The NFL 2021 regular season gave bettors a goodbye chance to leave when the Jaguars managed to deal with the second disappointment as a double-digit loser of the season. They defeated the Colts 26:11 and eliminated Indy from the playoffs. Only 14 teams remain standing, and with the first two goodbyes, players will have to carefully select their bets from the three-match list.

There will be a lot of action in all six of these games. There is always a situation where the market thickens and teams that are bad or unpredictable are eliminated. Now it’s just the best of the best, so there won’t be any double-digit losers anymore, right?

Well, not exactly. There’s another one on the slate. The Chiefs started as a 12.5-point favorite over the Steelers, who made it into the post-season thanks to the Raiders’ win over the Chargers in “Sunday Night Football.” The Chiefs beat Pittsburgh by 26 points just a few weeks ago, so it is understandable that they would be strongly favored in this match.

This means that savvy bettors will keep track of the latest betting lines, trends, odds and injuries to see how much the spread can fluctuate during the week. There aren’t many of them main, important injuries that affect these teams, but there are persistent injuries for Matthew Stafford (back), Jimmy Garopol (thumb) and even Joe Burrow (knee) that should be monitored. They will almost certainly play them if they do not prevent major failures, but if they are not completely healthy, it can affect the movement of the line.

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NFL wild card course

Below are the latest NFL odds for the weekend with wild cards, including point spreads, cash lines and over-pod totals for each game, according to the FanDuel Sportsbook.

Last updated: Wednesday 12 January.

The NFL point spreads wild card

Game Span
Las Vegas Raiders in Cincinnati Bengals CIN -6
New England Patriots in Buffalo Bills BUF -4
Philadelphia Eagles in Tampa Bay Buccaneers TB -8.5
San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys DAL -3
Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs KC -12.5
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams LAR -4

NFL money lines round with place card

Game Moneyline
Las Vegas Raiders in Cincinnati Bengals LV +225
New England Patriots in Buffalo Bills NE +176
Philadelphia Eagles in Tampa Bay Buccaneers PHI +340
San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys SF +138
Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs PIT +520
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams ARI +176

NFL over-under round with wild card

Game Across the floor
Las Vegas Raiders in Cincinnati Bengals 49
New England Patriots in Buffalo Bills 43.5
Philadelphia Eagles in Tampa Bay Buccaneers 49
San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys 50.5
Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs 46.5
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams 50.5

The best NFL bets on a wild card round

49ers (+3) in Cowboys

It will be a popular choice for excitement and for good reason. The 49ers have been playing well lately and as a three-point loser, it pays to take a risk.

Dallas definitely looks good on paper. They are No. 1 in the DVOA Football Outsiders metric, which ‚Äúdivides the entire play-by-play season, compares success in each game with the league average based on a number of variables including descent, distance, pitch, current score difference, quarter and the quality of the opponent. “

Despite their high rankings, the Cowboys did not do well against the other top-10 DVOA teams. This season they played with four opponents who placed in the top 10. They have only a balance of 1-3 against them and their only win came in overtime against the Patriots.

Week team rank DVOA Result
1 Buccaneers 3 L, 31-29
6 patriots 4 W, 35-29 (OT)
11 At the customs 7 L, 19-9
17 cardinals 10 L, 25-22

Why does it matter? San Francisco is sixth in the NFL in the DVOA, so they should be able to make the Cowboys some trouble, just as these other teams did. Even if they don’t win, the 49ers can keep it close, as can the Patriots.

Some may be reluctant to this DVOA theory because the 49ers are only 2-5 against the teams with the top 10 DVOA marks. That means the 49ers don’t have to win this game; they just have to cover the margin, which they did this year.

It’s amazing that the 49ers were a loser in only three games and recorded a 2-1 ATS record. Their only coverage was the seven-point loss to the Cardinals as a six-point loser. If you remember, Trey Lance started this game and was stopped just inches before breaking through the touchdown goal line, so saying they failed to cover a few inches is not an exaggeration. As such, betting on the 49ers as a bad player in this game seems very attractive.

Professional gamblers seem to agree with this at the moment. At the beginning of the week, the 49ers had an 8 percent advantage on BetQL money. Here, too, we take their side, even though the professional money edge is close enough to be watched throughout the week.

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Cardinals (+4) in Rams

The Cardinals may not be the same as they were before the season, when they seemed to be the NFC number one, but as a loser against the Rams they are a good choice. Why? Due to Matthew Stafford’s efforts to win against teams with a winning balance.

During his career, Stafford has only 11-71 against teams with a winning balance. This includes a 1-9 mark against teams with 10 or more wins. It is true that one victory came against the Cardinals this year, but historically Stafford has struggled with higher category competition. And maybe the Rams will lead to victory in this, but expecting more from him than a field goal is not a great bet.

It is also worth noting that Stafford has been struggling with turnover lately. During the last four matches, he has had eight interventions compared to eight touchdowns. In each of the four games, he chose a tip, and as a result, the Rams lost or matched the turnaround battle in each game.

The Rams somehow managed to win despite Stafford’s mistakes. They achieved a cumulative turnover of minus three, but still have a record 3-1.

It seems that these victorious journeys are unlikely to continue if Stafford fights the Cardinals. Arizona has scored nine games this season. When they record eavesdropping, they have a 7-2 record straight up. This includes a 37-20 win over the Rams in week 4, during which they gained a plus-two in the battle for the turnaround.

If Stafford can avoid interference, as he did in Rams’ 30-23 win over the Cardinals in Week 14, then the Rams could have a chance to cover up. That means it’s hard to trust Stafford to do so given his recent performance, so the Cardinals (+4) are a safer bet. And for bolder gamblers, Cardinals moneyline (+176) it may be a risk worth taking.

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Accounts (-4) vs. Patriots

The Bills and Patriots split their seasonal series in 2021, but in reality this is not the case feel like them. Bills kept Mac Jones in check during both games they played; they simply weren’t able to win the first, bizarre wind game in Buffalo, when Jones threw only three passes, while Sean McDermott, Josh Allen and Bills couldn’t get together.

At the second meeting, things changed. Jones managed to pass and needed, but Buffalo’s brave defense slowed him down. He completed 14 of 32 passes at 145 yards and two captures. He did not record a touchdown pass.

This is closer to Jones, who we’ll see in the wild card round. Some of this has to do with his problems in the last handful of games since the end of the Patriots season, but more importantly, Bills runs the NFL’s most serious defense. They only allow 272.8 yards per game. No other NFL team allows less than 305.

Statistics per game Total Rank
Yards allowed 272.8 1
Overtaking yards allowed 163 1
Points allowed 17 1

The Bills also performed particularly well against newcomer quarterbacks this year. They met Jones (twice), Zach Wilson, Trevor Lawrence and Davis Mills. In those five games, the quarterbacks had an average completion rate of 48, while they threw an average of 90.6 yards (108.5 if you take down Jones’s wind game). The four newcomers teamed up to drop only one touchdown and six interceptions.

In short, trusting a starting quarterback against Bills’ top defense doesn’t seem like a good move. Bill Belichick may find a way to break down Buffalo’s defenses, but he seems more likely to try to win with a challenging game plan. That might work – it’s just 9 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday night – but if Allen and Bills get ahead, the Patriots may have trouble going to catch up.

As a result, scrolling accounts at -4 seems to be a good value. BetQL agrees with us. Their model has a game rated as a three-star bet (out of five) and they believe that the spread should be -5 instead of -4. This is the full value we are happy to gain in this divisional battle.


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