Do goals count in the Carabao Cup outside? How can Tottenham, Chelsea advance to the EFL Cup final

The release of the Carabao Cup 2021-22 is nearing completion as one semifinal moves to the second round to determine the first finalist.

Chelsea travels to Tottenham Hotspur to compete with the Spurs after the Blues won a comprehensive victory in the first game at Stamford Bridge. A 2-0 win gives Chelsea the lead when pushing for a decisive match.

Kai Havertz’s opening goal and Ben Davies’ own goal secured Chelsea’s victory, a victory that led Spurs boss Antonio Conte to say in his Spurs position: “There is a lot of work to be done.”

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“Chelsea turned out to be much better than us,” Conte added. “If you compare two teams, there is no comparison.” So given what the Spurs have to do to overcome the loss of the first game, and how can Chelsea keep advancing in the finals?

Do goals count in the Carabao Cup semifinals?

For starters: no, outdoor goals do not count as a tiebreak in the League Cup semifinals according to the tournament rules. This means that if the overall score is even at the end of the second match, the teams will aim for a 30-minute extra time and, if necessary, a penalty shoot-out.

The EFL Cup actually used an outdoor tiebreak for goals for a series of two matches until the 2018-19 competition, when it was canceled along with an extension for the elimination rounds for one match.

Clause 14.5 of the Tournament Statute explains:

If the overall score is settled at the end of ninety minutes in one of: the second part of the semifinals; or an extra half hour is played in the final match and if the overall score is still tied at the end of extra time, the winner of this competition will be determined by kicks from the penalty kick mark in accordance with IFAB-approved procedures.

How can Chelsea advance to the Carabao Cup final?

After a 2-0 victory at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea is in a very advantageous position, but the work is not done. Chelsea midfielder showed an admirable performance and led the first 90 minutes.

In the upcoming second stage, a victory or draw of any kind would allow Chelsea to advance to the EFL Cup final at Wembley Stadium. A one-goal loss would do the job.

Chelsea reached the EFL Cup final in eight previous editions and won it five times. He last made it to the finals in 2019 and the last holder of the EFL Blues trophy came in 2015.

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If Chelsea lost by two goals, which would leave the overall score, the teams would advance to extra time and a potential penalty shootout if the draw persisted. If the Blues completely surrendered and saw a defeat of three or more goals, Tottenham would advance to the finals.

How can Tottenham advance to the Carabao Cup final?

A 2-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge leaves Antonio Conte and Spurs to make it to the finals, which would be a famous turnaround at home.

Losing or a draw would mean eliminating the Spurs, as well as winning the goal.

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Tottenham needs a two-goal win to send the semifinals to extra time and potentially a penalty shootout, which would suddenly give him a mental advantage over the home fans.

If the Spurs somehow managed a stunning three-goal win, they would advance to the finals without the need for penalties.

The Spurs advanced to the Carabao Cup final last year, losing just 1-0 to Manchester City. He has made nine final matches of all time, with the last title coming in 2008 over Chelsea.


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