Chris Wood is exactly what Newcastle needs to survive, says Paul Merson football news

Burnley striker Chris Wood is ready for Wednesday’s medical examination at St James’ Park before moving to £ 25 million to Newcastle, and according to Paul Merson, the New Zealand national team is exactly the type of player the Magpies need to leave the relegation zone. .

Eddie Howe’s team – which lost 1-0 at home to League One Cambridge United in the FA Cup last weekend – is currently second in the Premier League, having won two safety points once a season, facing other Watford wrestlers at home. in a key Saturday match.

However, with top scorer Callum Wilson suspended for another eight weeks due to a calf injury against Manchester United, Newcastle – who has already signed English right-back Kieran Trippier of Atletico Madrid – called for Wood’s Turf Moor release clause.

It’s time for Newcastle to take a break – he has to get a midfielder. They can’t wait.

Paul Merson

It’s a decision Merson agrees with before the former Arsenal and England striker called Newcastle the “Cup Final” against 17 Watford this weekend. Sky Sports The scholar called the club’s next three games against Watford, Leeds and Everton key to their hopes of surviving this season.

Wood can hit the ground

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Newcastle has complied with the release clause of Burnley striker Chris Wood, which is estimated at £ 20 million.

He must seize the chance and hope that someone can jump to the ground.

Now, to get to the ground, and I know he’s not prolific, but Wood plays Burnley every week and plays in the Premier League.

He knows what this league is about, and you know he’ll be fine in this league.


It will not be a shock for him and he will run through a brick wall for you.

That’s what Newcastle needs. They need Kieran Trippier and Chris Wood.

They need players who roll up their sleeves and don’t come and won’t be shocked at how fast the Premier League is.

No Wilson? Big problem for Newcastle

Callum Wilson was forced to resign with an injury against Man Utd
Callum Wilson was forced to resign with an injury against Man Utd

If you told me there was no Callum Wilson, I would say they were in big trouble.

The problem is, Wilson’s back in eight weeks, but you can’t wait for him. You have to bring someone, but if you bring someone, you won’t play two up front when Wilson is back.

There is also talk of Dominica Solance. He tore it up in the Championship, but Eddie Howe had him in Bournemouth in the Premier League and they couldn’t score a goal.

Newcastle’s time is running out

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Mark Schwarzer wondered if Newcastle United’s potential new additions would be enough to stay in the Premier League this season.

Newcastle’s time is running out.

They need a striker to play against Watford on Saturday. He has to bring someone.

They can’t wait until Saturday’s game. They can’t say they’re in no hurry, and we’ll just make it this game, because if they lose to Watford, they’ll have big problems. They will have even more trouble than they are now!

That is why panic is firmly in place and why it must move forward. This is their cup final.

They won’t win this game without someone. They have to risk it and it will be a panic purchase, whatever they do, but they have to do something.

What are their options?

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Dharmesh Sheth and Kaveh Solhekol discuss two new possible transfer destinations for Newcastle United, Hugo Ekitike of Reims and Chris Wood of Burnley.

Someone told me they have all the money in the world.

Take a chance and spend it if you have all the money in the world. It’s okay to go down to the locker room and look at the players. Do they think players will listen to them?

Really, what will the owner tell them?

All he can tell them is, ‘I’ll give you £ 100,000 if you keep us upstairs.’ What else can they say? Now they are in it.

The new owners thought it would be easy

They took it and thought it would be easy.

Trippier is a good player who rolls up his sleeves and that’s what you want, but because of the right defender they are not where they are in the table. We never sit or look at Newcastle and moan that they don’t have a real defender.

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French football expert Jonathan Johnson expects Lille to sign a deal with Newcastle on Sven Botman if a bid of 50 million euros is submitted.

They’ve just made him their highest paid player of all time, so he’s setting the bar. Whoever comes now will be the best paid player and then another player and so on.

Surely they will not bring in the middle attacker and he will have less money than the right defender?

The other three games are key: They have to take risks

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It’s gotten to a stage where they just need to bet.

They literally buy someone for Saturday’s game, which they have to win.

If someone came on Saturday and got two goals, but then didn’t score three matches, it would still be a good deal.

That’s because he has to win this game. He has to beat the teams around him.

Forget the teams in the top half. Don’t worry about them. You have to beat the teams in the bottom half and Watford is in and around them. Newcastle must win this match.

Newcastle’s bread and butter are their next three matches. The next three games against Watford, Leeds and Everton can be won. I say win, they only won one match for the whole season and were beaten by Cambridge, but the other three matches are the type of matches they need to get points from.

It’s three big games, so it’s time for Newcastle to make or break it. He must get a midfielder. They can’t wait.

* The interview took place on January 11 before there were reports of Chris Wood’s medical treatment in Newcastle

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