Fantasy TE ranking at the beginning of 2022

The tight end position is the “funniest” for forecasting and anticipation because it is so volatile from year to year and our TE TE fantasy charts from the beginning of 2022 are what we can look forward to next year.

Move over Travis Kelce, it’s time for someone else to turn. Mark Andrews was strong enough last year to be considered TE No. 1, and Kelce will be 33 next season, could it be the year he falls off? We’re not overly dramatic because Kelce still occupies our No. 2 chair, but Andrews is on top of his strength and ready to give you a huge positional advantage.

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Darren Waller and George Kittle will continue to be among the elite, but after a promising rookie season, it’s time for Kyle Pitts to show up as a change of game as well. After all, TE5 was in the half PPR leagues, although it caught only one touchdown in 17 weeks. Don’t be fooled by Dawson Knox or Dalton Schultz, Pitts is on a completely different level of athletics and dynamics.

Speaking of Schultz, he’s ready to be a free agent and he’s asking for a lot of money – are we sure Dallas will interrupt? We believe that Schultz is a high-quality player, but is he a special talent enough to guarantee a large payout in an already busy team? We’ll see. If he goes all-in for a big paycheck and ends up on the spot with an average QB, he could end up outside the top 12 TEs. Knox, on the other hand, could obviously be a solid tight end moving forward, but we have to be careful to keep up with the high number of touchdowns in a season when he has limited volume.

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It seems obvious that Rob Gronkowski would rather retire than play with someone not named Tom Brady on QB, so we fully expect him to either stay in Tampa Bay (unless Brady leaves) or hang his football boots. We’ll be clear soon. Mike Gesicki, Evan Engram and Zach Ertz will also enter the open market this season out of season, so their landing sites will be affected by the fantasy outlook. Gesicki was largely productive with whatever quarterback he played with, so if he reached the top with an elite stallion, he could climb back into the top eight. However, Ertz and Engram will be more complicated.

Darren Waller, Kittle and TJ Hockenson have spent a lot of time on the sidelines this year due to injuries, but their positive side is too strong to ignore. It is also worth noting that Irv Smith Jr. (knee) will return in 2022 and we were high on his way to 2021, so we will continue to offer him as the top 15 guy.

As always, watch out for players who receive major QB upgrades. If Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson heads to Denver, we must like Noah Fant’s chances of breaking through.

Tight endings for newcomers producing high quality fantasy numbers are rare, so don’t count on any in our top 20 (although Pitts and Pat Freiermuth have shown us that it’s possible), but as always, newcomers and veterans may appear as TE1 or TE2 in the right situation.

Fantasy TE ranking at the beginning of 2022

The ranking is based on half point PPR formats.

Rank Player
1 Mark Andrews, BAL
2 Travis Kelce, KC
3 Kyle Pitts, ATL
4 Darren Waller, LV
5 George Kittle, SF
6 Dallas Goedert, PHI
7 TJ Hockenson, DET
8 Pat Freiermuth, PIT
9 Dalton Schultz, FA
10 Mike Gesicki, FA
11 Dawson Knox, BUF
12 Rob Gronkowski, FA
13 Noah Fant, DEN
14 Irv Smith Jr., MIN
15 Hunter Henry, NE


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