Fantasy defense rankings in early 2022

It’s almost impossible to know what each team and D / ST roster will look like next season, due to free action and the NFL 2022 draft, but our fantasy defense rating in early 2022 will be based on what we know now – and what we can do. project heading to next season.

New England is back as one of the elite NFL stops, but in 2022 you will have to pay if it is in your draft. We also don’t see much of a decline in Bills, Colts or Saints defenses, as these units have been among the best in the league in the last few seasons.

Quarterback Running back Wide receiver Tight end

On the other hand, the Rams’ defenses were not as good this year as expected, but with Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald, they should bounce back and always have great potential. Pittsburgh and Baltimore are two of the first franchises to come to mind when we think of defense, but they both had trouble in 2021, although the Steelers still led the NFL in sacks. So far, we haven’t moved either of these units into our top 10, but both are just outside it.

Miami, Carolina, Denver, Arizona, Tampa Bay and Kansas City have looked like an elite defense in some places this season, and each of them has no shortage of talent on this side of football, so we also like their chances.

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Eventually, this list could turn upside down before the season rolls over, and the dormant defense often reaches the top 10. In 2021, Dallas ended up as No. 1 fantasy defense, thanks to a lot of things to take, but you can’t project, so we rely on teams that will generally have a good defense in real life.

Fantasy defense rankings in early 2022

Rank Player
1 New England Patriots
2 Buffalo Bills
3 Indianapolis Colts
4 New Orleans Saints
5 Miami Dolphins
6 Los Angeles Rams
7 Dallas Cowboys
8 Carolina Panthers
9 Denver Broncos
10 Arizona Cardinals
11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12 Kansas City Chiefs
13 Pittsburgh Steelers
14 San Francisco 49ers
15 Baltimore Ravens


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