Jim Harbaugh NFL Rumors: Ratings for Michigan’s best coaches, from the Bears to the Raiders

Jim Harbaugh is back in the game for an NFL coach position … or is he? Harbaugh, who coached the 49ers in 2011-2014, went to the Super Bowl when he coached the 49ers in 2011-2014 and witnessed him return to professional play.

Most of them were joined by one team, the Raiders. But the team, which Jon Jonuden resigned during the season, first fears Saturday’s playoff game with a wild card in Cincinnati led by interim leader Rich Bisaccia.

Now that Harbaugh’s name has reappeared to rejoin his brother’s ranks, other teams looking for new coaches after “Black Monday” should consider whether they can attack him properly. Here’s a leaderboard of what Harbaugh can do to maintain a high level of success while luring away from her alma mater:

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Jim Harbaugh’s NFL rankings correspond to 2022

1. Chicago Bears

Surprisingly, the 49ers are a team that employed two former Bears stars, Harbaugh and Mike Singletary. The bears who fired Matt Nagy must do what they can to get Harbaugh back to his first NFL home, a franchise that drafted him as a quarterback in the first round in 1987. Bringing Michigan back to the brink of the championship is one thing. but rediscovering the fame of the Bears and enforcing them under the Packers is another matter.

Harbaugh could also work wonders for the second-year QB Justin Fields, which would come up with a bonus in the form of turning the former Ohio state constellation into a dynamic double NFL threat under his supervision. Harbaugh has finally solved Buckey and may feel he can leave Michigan in a good place. The bears need his sharpness and influence badly.

2. Denver Broncos

The Broncos don’t have a reliable starting franchise quarterback for second-year GM George Paton, but that should be part of the appeal for Harbaugh. Denver has just fired its former San Francisco defense coordinator, Vica Fangio. There are several dynamic offensive skill weapons (Javonte Williams, Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant, Tim Patrick) and a strong line and the Broncos have done well in their rapid defensive redevelopment. The Broncos may be the newest team to be truly “one of the best QBs” since winning big, similar to the 2019-ending Buccaneers ahead of Tom Brady. John Elway should be prepared to make an offer for Mile High, which his teammate from the 80s and 90s cannot reject.

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3. New York Giants

After two seasons, the Giants played a jury and executioner for Joe Judge. This adds another interesting destination for Harbaugh, given that they have Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, a decent defense and a large upcoming capital for the draft. Also expect some improvements to the offensive line soon. They are not ideal for Habaugh now, but they can be in a hurry. New York provides a tent destination and another huge market, such as Chicago, which Harbaugh handles well because he went through all the pressure in Michigan long before the big breakthrough. John Mara and Steve Tisch would be crazy not to call him at least several times.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

What? Harbaugh after the flop of Urban Meyer? On the one hand, Harbaugh has finally solved Meyer’s former college program and should be biased to show why he is better at coaching at a professional level than his former hated rival. On the other hand, it is not possible for him to work with General Manager Trent Baalk again. Unless the Jags agree to be replaced by anyone who says Harbaugh wants them, there’s no chance Shad Khan would even consider going to college. It’s a shame, because Harbaugh and Trevor Lawrence would be interesting to watch.

5. Miami Dolphins

So let’s make it clear: owner Stephen Ross, a well-known very successful Michigan product like Harbaugh, would prefer Harbaugh to train their shared alma mater so that his Wolverine Saturdays can stay pleasant, instead of wanting to win more on dolphin Sundays with Harbaugh? And he didn’t mean someone at Harbaugh’s level when he fired Brian Flores too soon? Apart from the connection with Michigan and the attractiveness of working with Tua Tagovailoa, there is no reason to be part of this Miami mess.

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6. Minnesota Vikings

Will Harbaugh be in the new Minnesota Vikings man? No. Leaving Ann Arbor for the Twin Cities will not look “good” if he inherits dear former QB Kirk Cousins ​​from Michigan, who will not have to wait long for the franchise, and a defense that requires extensive repairs. minus Mike Zimmer. In addition, Minnesota’s ownership was also a bit hasty when we said goodbye to Rick Spielman, one of the best talent-winning GMs in the league. Harbaugh will not get the support he needs. It’s better to beat the other Minnesota by Little Brown Jug.

7. Las Vegas Raiders

Jackpot, honey? Although the team goes back to the 1980s with “The NFL Today” icon Brent Musburger, who calls his matches in Las Vegas, hopefully Harbaugh doesn’t really “look alive” when he takes over the Raiders and replaces another high-ranking leader, Jon Gruden. . Would Harbaugh leave Michigan … work with Derek Carr? And keep trying to figure out that Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert and the new QB Broncos franchise will be for a few more years? Damn it. Las Vegas is not even the best AFC West destination for Harbaugh (see Denver above). The only reason to do that is if Harbaugh wants to overtake the desert in his 60s.


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