Georgia star Stetson Bennett definitely needs a nap after her “Good Morning America” ​​interview

It seems safe to say that Stetson Bennett would have preferred an interview on “Good Afternoon America.”

Quarterback Georgia took some revenge against Alabama on Monday night, leading the Bulldogs to a 33-18 win, and the College Football Playoff national championship avoided losing to Crimson Tide in a SEC championship just a month. After turning the ball in the fourth quarter in a controversial fumble call, Bennett entered the big scene with two touchdown passes in the final frame to help Georgia win her first national title since 1980.

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When Bulldogs defender Kelee Ringo picked up a pass from Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young to seal the victory, Bennett was seen crying with tears of joy on the sidelines. These tears were eventually replaced by smiles, screams and celebrations as Georgia collected her trophy.

And then, what Bennett probably thought was very short afterwards, he had to appear on “Good Morning America.” The 23-year-old had the immediately recognizable appearance of every college student who had been partying all night, only to realize that the introduction to a sociology class the next morning had not been canceled.

Bennett’s initial exchange with Michael Strahan told the audience everything they needed to know.

Strahan: “How do you feel this morning after that incredible performance last night? Have you had a chance to sleep?”

Bennett: “You know, a few hours. Uh, not much, uh, I’ve been thinking about – yes, no, not much, Michael.”


No need to explain, buddy.

Bennett began his college career as a pedestrian before moving to junior college, then found his way back to Georgia and won the national championship. This is a Hollywood story. Who could blame the guy for going hard? (Also, Michael, could you dim the lights a little and reduce the energy from nine to maybe four? That would be great.)

Bennett was apparently on autopilot for the rest of the interview, but he managed to arrive on time and avoid swearing at ABC. That could be even more impressive than what he did to defend Alabama.


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