Lean Andrew Luck rarely appears in public on ESPN before the Alabama-Georgia game

Andrew Luck entered Lucas Oil Stadium on Monday night and looked completely different from the man who played for the Colts in 2012-18.

Prior to the Alabama-Georgia College Football Playoff match, Luck surprisingly appeared on ESPN’s “College GameDay.” Lean and mustachioed Luck, standing at the venue for the first time since leaving the NFL in a shocking way after just six seasons, was honored as a member of the College Football Hall of Fame 2022 class.


“[It’s an] “It’s a great honor to be happy to share this with Stanford,” said Luck Joe Tessitore of ESPN. “It has meant so much to me since I was there and ever since. Great coaches, especially players and teammates – I think football is the ultimate expression of team and team sports. Your teammates give you so much, so much. “

Luck was runner-up of the Heisman Trophy in the back-to-back seasons at Stanford (2010-11), finished behind Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III, the latter of whom currently serves as an analyst at ESPN College Football and was alongside Luck during the pre-match interview .

After the trio discussed the challenges of playing on such a big stage and offering advice to beginning quarterbacks, Griffin asked Luck a question that must have been the head of many Colts fans: “We didn’t see you. What were you? Are you doing, man?”

“Dad’s full-time service and it was a complete joy,” Luck said.

Although there has been speculation outside in recent years that Luck could potentially return to the NFL – Colts owner Jim Irsay said last year that the franchise would “like” to get him back – the 32-year-old man doesn’t seem to regret it. about his decision. Luck retired from football before the 2019 season after dealing with several injuries that left him in a cycle of “injuries, pains, rehabilitation.”

“I felt stuck in it. The only way I can see is not to play football anymore,” Luck said. “It took me the joy of this game. I was stuck in this process. I was not able to live the life I wanted to live. And after 2016, when I was playing in pain and I was not able to really practice, I promised myself that I won’t go the way. I found myself in a similar situation.

“The only way forward for me is to get out of football and this cycle I’ve been in. I promised myself that if I ever did that again, I would choose me in that sense.”

Now more than three years away from his last NFL game – and a few pounds have dropped from his 240 game weight – Luck seems more than happy with handling errands, rather than running away from the defensive ends.

Below you can watch the entire Luck segment “College GameDay”.


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