Ranking of the 10 best candidates for coaching Dolphins, who will replace Brian Flores in 2022

Every black Monday, he has a surprise dismissal from an NFL coach. After the 2021 NFL season, the Dolphins pledged to release Brian Flores after three seasons.

Flores’ teams didn’t make it to the playoffs, but Miami finished 10-6 and 9-8 in the last two seasons, despite a lot of problems with the transitional list. He looked like a bright star from Bill Belichick’s coaching tree, but now the former Patriots defensive coordinator, who is only 40, will be looking for a new job.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins embark on a rental exchange process. Here are the best candidates to help owner Stephen Ross compensate for a controversial and somewhat hasty decision:

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The best candidates for dolphin coaching

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Head Coach (age: 58)

Contrary to previous reports to the contrary, it is not possible for dolphins to take this step unless they have some idea of ​​how they plan to upgrade through Flores to pair someone new with maintained GM Chris Grier. Nor can it be ignored that Ross is a great man from Michigan and the business school is named after him. Ross is a billionaire used to getting what he wants, and if he wants Harbaugh, he can pull out Brinks’ biggest truck to personally take him from Ann Arbor to South Beach.

Byron Leftwich, assault coordinator of the Buccaneers (age: 41)

Leftwich makes sense for the second team in Florida, which is not from Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, because it used to be a successful Jaguars quarterback. But he could also have a strong influence on the heavily armed Tu Tagovailoa after working well under mentor Bruce Arian and colleague Tom Brady.

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Doug Pederson, former Eagles head coach (age: 53)

Pederson is away from Philadelphia for a year. This year’s Mike McCarthy, a one-time Super Bowl winner who is available for refreshment after a one-year break. He is a well-organized former quarterback with good offensive foresight, which would be good for Tagovailoa as well.

Joe Brady, former Panthers and LSU offensive coordinator (age: 32)

Brady worked wonders with Joe Burrow in college before the Bengals took him to number one and flew as a QB in the second year of the Draft Class Tag 20100. Brady was to be retained as a rising star in Carolina, but as with Flores, there was an internal conflict of interest. He also has a great experience under Sean Payton in New Orleans.

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Eric Bieniemy, Chief Offensive Coordinator (age: 52)

Bieniemy is overdue to hire a coach and in part is that he needed to train in the playoffs after the Super Bowl in the last two main years with Patrick Mahomes. He is another strong employee who means strengthening Tagovailoa.

Demeco Ryans, 49ers defense coordinator (age: 37)

Ryans, a former Texans star defender, had a successful season with injuries to his unit and replaced Jets coach Brian Flores. San Francisco is one of the strongest second-level teams needed by the Dolphins. He is a coach of players with a good pedigree and can keep up with Flores’s masterful motivation.

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Kellen Moore, Cowboys Offensive Coordinator (age: 33)

Moore has carried out an amazing explosive attack with Dak Prescott and can also make good use of Tagovailoa and commit to Grier to further improve his weapons. Moore, like Brady, is very young, but his cleverness and organization are advanced.

Jerod Mayo, Patriots coach inside linebackers (age: 35)

Would the dolphins return to their Patriots connection with Grier? If so, Mayo’s Bill Belichick would be the newest young outgoing student who is not his son Steve. Mayo has the potential to be as effective as Mike Vrabel for the Titans.

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Brian Daboll, Bills Offensive Coordinator (age: 46)

Daboll was the Dolphins Offensive Coordinator in 2011 and has experience under former Dolphins coach Nick Saban in Alabama and also turned into the Belichick Tree. His complete work with Josh Allen says he should get a chance to lead the whole team. Stealing him to work with Tagovailoa is not a bad plan.

Mike McDaniel, 49ers Offensive Coordinator (age: 38)

McDaniel, a Yale graduate, is right-handed planner Kyle Shanahan, as are Packers coach Matt LaFleur and Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur. It’s a clear young start with a little more spice than Brady and Moore, which should appeal to Ross to join Tagovailoa.


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