Jameson Williams’ injury is too severe for Bryce Young of Alabama to overcome

INDIANAPOLIS – Alabama entered the national championship with only one of the two most powerful receivers of the season. Jameson Williams started, but John Metchie III was not in uniform after suffering a torn ACL in the SEC Championship last month against Georgia.

In Monday night’s game, Williams and Metchie made up 56% of the reception yards in Alabama.

Alabama lost the second half of its dynamic reception duo at the end of the second quarter. Williams suffered a non-contact knee injury while playing at 40 yards and never returned.

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It was a heartbreaking end to a former Ohio transfer that became a star in Tuscaloos and was one of the keys to Alabama’s victory over Georgia in the SEC Championship. As he walked down, the guerrilla crowd fell silent, then teamed up to give him a standing ovation as he left the field, and later the Alabama believers called him as he returned to the locker room for further evaluation.

Before Williams left the game, he had 65 yards for four catches and was leading Alabama at the time. At the time, he also had the longest game with his 40-yard catch. This game led to a field goal that gave Alabama a 6-3 lead.

“Losing someone like J-Mo is hard,” Young told a post-match press conference. “But it was a topic for us to overcome adversity. A lot of the boys came in at a great time and the guys we were used to. And I’m extremely proud of how we played offensively, how people started.”

Quarterback Bryce Young did everything in his power to adjust, finishing 369 yards, but Tide was eventually overtaken by Georgia in the fourth quarter and failed 33-18. The game was sealed when one game, after Alabama dropped a potential catch in the first shot inside Georgia 20, Young threw an interception, which was returned by Kelee Ringo 79 yards, sealing the loss.

During the game, Young looked most closely at the tight Cameron Lata, who finished the night with 102 yards to receive and a lone Alabama touchdown. The highest Lat income in the season before Monday night was just 58 yards in November.

Agiye Hall, who previously had only 20 admission yards this season, finished with 52 yards in only two admissions. Hall had a 28-yard revenue in the nine-play drive in Alabama at the start of the third quarter, which also ended with a field goal.

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Traeshon Holden (28 yards), Brian Robinson Jr. (28 yards), Ja’Corey Brooks (47 yards) and Slade Bolden (48 yards) also stood to help Alabama move the ball. Young just couldn’t do anything in the red zone. As for the players who started, coach Nick Saban thought that their experience of the game would help them improve for next season.

“It simply came to our notice then [heading into next season]”I think these kinds of experiences are invaluable in terms of that – the hard thing about it is that we played with some guys tonight who didn’t record much during the season.” So they didn’t have much experience entering. And they had some opportunities and played some games. And I’m sure it will help their confidence. And they will grow and learn from it. And it will be a positive experience for them and their development in the future. “

Young led Alabama to a 17-play drive in third, moving the team from their own 2-yard line to Georgia’s 30-yard line. The raid eventually ended in a blocked attempt to score a goal from the field. The ride took seven and a half minutes, but Alabama ended up with zero points.

Young beat Stetson Bennett by 145 yards, yet threw only one touchdown pass. And Young was dealt a loss after a touchdown on a two-point attempt. Alabama failed to overcome Georgia’s defenses – Young threw two interceptions and was fired three times.

“It’s up to me to do better,” Young said. “People came in the big moments they had. And we had chances, we had opportunities. And at the end of the day, I didn’t get the ball in the end. And that’s up to me.”

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Young’s one touchdown pass on Monday night was his seasonal low. The winner of the Heisman Trophy of 2021 threw a total of 45 touchdowns into the championship game. When Alabama played with Georgia in the SEC Championship last month, he threw three touchdowns.

After a single Alabama touchdown, Georgia scored 20 unanswered points and won the national title. The last three races in Alabama have led to a three-and-out ride for a negative two yards, a pick-six and a seven-game, 16-yard ride as time runs out.

Williams, who is a junior, did not sign up for the NFL draft and it is not clear what role his injury will play in this decision.


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