Chauncey Billups says Nets Kyrie Irving is the “most qualified” quarterback in NBA history

Portland Trail Blazers head coach Chauncey Billups knows something about the elite quarterbacks, and the former MVP Finals say few can match Kyrie Irving’s skills.

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Before Monday’s Trail Blazers against the Brooklyn Nets, Billups says he believes Irving is the “most experienced” quarterback in NBA history.

“Kyrie is fair, he’s a wizard, man,” Billups told ESPN’s Nick Friedell.

“It’s a TV you have to see. Personally, as someone who has played this position, I think Kyrie is the most experienced player to ever play in this position. Just a direct skill. Nothing else. Just a direct skill. I think it is the best I am. ” I’ve never seen in that position in terms of skills. So he obviously gives you tons when he plays. “

While people like Allen Iverson, Isiah Thomas, Chris Paul and Steph Curry take part in this conversation, Irving’s improvisation outside of dribble, the ability to end with either hand and the ability to lift a bucket are strong arguments in support of Billips’ sentiment. .

“His work is incredible,” Billups added. “He’s a better passer than people attribute to him. He’s obviously a willing teammate. He’s not just Kyrie. He’s passing the ball. He’s a champion. He’s bringing a master pedigree to the table. I think he hit maybe the biggest shot.” I’ve ever seen in the history of the NBA Finals I’ve seen. “

Steve Nash, the current head coach of the Nets and himself a two-time MVP quarterback, also intervened in the debate.

“It’s hard to argue,” Nash said. “Of course there are others in the conversation. Steph.” [Curry] he is incredibly skilled, but in many ways so deadly from a great distance. But when it comes to manipulating the ball, moving, getting to their seats and shooting on all three levels, around the edge, is off the table. When he gets to the middle zone, he is off the charts. It’s excellent in depth as well. “

The Nets received a lot of support last week when Irving returned to the squad after missing the first 35 games of the season due to his unvaccinated status.

Currently, he is only eligible to play in the Nets Road Games this season, in line with local COVID-19 mandates in New York City, but even as a part-time player, the seven-time All-Star adds considerable firepower. Nets master ambitions.


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