What does Brian Flores shoot for any potential Deshaun Watson dolphin trade?

Things collapsed in Miami in 2021.

The Dolphins performed the first miracle on Black Monday and after the 9-8 season they fired head coach Brian Flores.

However, the decision to fire Flores will affect more than just the players who are currently on the team. According to reports, Flores, who hit the unemployment line, could greatly upset Houston defender Deshaun Watson, who wanted to be in Miami.

The Dolphins foreshadowed the Texans’ deal with Watson’s business earlier in the season, with the quarterback allegedly calling the Dolphins one of the teams to which he should give up his trade ban clause.

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That could change: Flores was reportedly the main reason Watson wanted to be in Miami, and now that Flores is out now, it’s not clear if Watson would still prefer Miami.

However, Watson has far more trouble than deciding which jersey to wear – if any – in 2022. The Houston defender currently faces 22 civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual harassment and assault, and has a statement scheduled for February 22. .

It is not clear what Watson’s status will be in the NFL once his legal problems have been resolved. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said on January 9 that Texans would like to replace Watson before the new league season begins on March 16.

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Watson’s situation is rare: The 26-year-old is a top 10 defender on the pitch who enters the best years of his career with a reasonable contract. The Dolphins won three first-round elections for Watson before the NFL deadline in 2021, but owner Stephen Ross reportedly canceled the deal.

Ross can still change the tune: He said on Monday that the decision to pursue Watson would fall on the next head coach:

So far, it’s Tua Tagovailoa as the Dolphins quarterback. It could stay that way until the 2022 season returns.


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