Why did Brandon Staley of Chargers call a timeout, Rich Bisaccia of Raiders called FG at the end of OT?

As the clock struck in overtime for Sunday’s Raiders-Chargers, fans began to think it might become impossible.

Before the start of the match, there was a lot of talk about a scenario in which, if the other matches come in a row, two rivals from the AFC West could compete in the “Sunday Night Football” match, where a draw would be enough for both teams to advance.

Although both sides did not kneel throughout the match, there seemed to be a draw anyway after Josh Jacobs rushed 7 yards near the center of the field and both sides allowed the clock to drop under the remaining minute. That means Chargers coach Brandon Staley called the timeout.

After a break, Jacobs hurried 10 yards to get to LA 29 for the first time. Las Vegas then ended the hopes of NFL fans for a draw when kicker Daniel Carlson played a 47-yard goal without time left. The Raiders advanced to the playoffs with a 35-32 victory and Los Angeles returned home to end the base season of 2021.

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Staley said after the match that his idea was to make Carlson’s kick as long as possible and that he wanted to pull the right defensive personnel to stop the Raiders’ attack.

“We felt they were going to control the ball, so we wanted to get involved in the defense of our top 11 people, making this rotation so we could play where we were deep in the field (range),” Staley said. .

Staley added that he did not believe the Raiders would change their minds after the timeout, noting that Las Vegas ran the ball in front of him and after him.

“We wanted to make sure we had our defenses there,” Staley said. “And obviously we didn’t do well enough, but we wanted to get our first-class back defense here, and we did it.”

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Temporary Raiders head coach Rich Bisaccia said his team had a side-by-side conversation about the possibility of a draw as time draws to a close. He said that when Los Angeles didn’t cause a timeout after Jacobs’ 7-yard run, he thought “they probably thought the same thing.”

“Then we had a big mess there. And when we got in a big mess and got into a position we thought was good for us, we went to the field and tried to win,” Bisaccia said. “But we must have talked about it on the sidelines. We wanted to find out if they would call out a timeout or not. They didn’t, so we thought they thought the same thing. And then we jumped.” she ran there and gave us a chance to kick the goal and win it. So we definitely talked about it. “

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The Chargers tied the match at 32:32, leaving 4:35 in overtime as Dustin Hopkins practiced a 41-yard field goal.

Las Vegas kicked off with a 17-yard quick drive from quarterback Derek Carr over Bryan Edwards to 42 Raiders. Jacobs rushed through the middle for 7 yards and the clock ticked. In the next game, Carr threw a short pass to Jalen Richard for losing 5 yards and the clock kept ticking.

Carr then found Zay Jones at Chargers’ 45 with a gain of 11, moved the chains, and triggered a two-minute warning. Jacobs rushed for a loss of 1 in the first game and then for another gain of 7 for the Chargers’ 39. It was then, with 38 seconds left, that Staley called a time-out, his first of two in overtime.

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After the timeout, Jacobs gave Las Vegas the first down and ensured that the team would not only be within range of the goal for Carlson, but also that he would control the clock and Los Angeles had only one timeout left.

Carr caused controversy after the match, saying that the time limit had changed Las Vegas’ strategy.

“Definitely yes, of course, but we knew, even though we didn’t want a draw. We wanted to win a football game,” Carr told Michele Tafoy for NBC Sports. “Of course, when you commit, you’re in all that stuff, but my thinking, all day, I even wrote to Aaron Rodgers this morning. My intention was to make sure we were the only team to move on.” “

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As some pointed out, it was as if the raiders were about to release the ball before the Chargers called a timeout. Even a short overrun in the middle would get Carlson into the goal field. His career is from 56 and he entered the game after making 12 of 15 kicks out of 50 yards or more.

Now the Chargers will have to watch the rival Raiders compete against the Bengals in the first round of the playoffs, while Los Angeles awaits next season.


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