Steelers players rejoice at the Raiders’ decision to kick the winning goal from the field instead of a draw vs. Chargers

Football fans across the country have probably never hoped for a draw more than on Sunday.

The Chargers and Raiders entered “Sunday night football” in what was discussed as a nightmare scenario for the NFL, with both teams only needing a series of kneeling to shut down the clock and both make it to the playoffs.

But the divisional rivals embarked on a dramatic back and forth battle that seemed to lead to a draw as the Raiders slowed in overtime with the remaining seconds. Afterwards, the break of Chargers coach Brandon Staley and the first fall of Josh Jacobs of the Raiders prepared Las Vegas to kick the winning goal off the field after the time was up, thus ruining the fans’ hopes for a draw.

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The game seemed destined for a stalemate after the Chargers tied the match 32:32, leaving 4:35 until the end. The Raiders started moving down, but after a two-minute warning, they just ran the ball and broadcast the clock.

With 1:20 left, Jacobs threw 7 yards to Chargers’ 39 and the clock continued to strike. Staley called a timeout with 38 seconds left and used the first of his two in OT.

After the timeout, Jacobs made a handoff and carried it another 10 yards to Los Angeles 29. From there, the Raiders pulled the clock for two seconds before calling a timeout. Daniel Carlson facilitated a kick from 47 yards when he sank the Los Angeles playoff chances and won the match 35:32.

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The result certainly pleased a lot of people in Pittsburgh, because winning the game meant that the Steelers would enter the playoffs as a seventh in the AFC, The Raiders moved to 5th place. Las Vegas will face the Bengals in the first round of the playoffs in Cincinnati on Saturday.

Pittsburgh entered the day with waning post-season hopes and needed a.) To defeat the Ravens, b.) To let the Colts lose to the Jaguars, and c.) To have the Chargers or Raiders win Sunday night. What looked like a long-distance run eventually became a reality, and of course, all the Steelers were ready to celebrate after the Raiders’ victory.

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However, this did not facilitate the result for NFL fans who hoped for a draw. What would have been a wild scenario ended in a final score that made them wonder what it could have been.


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