Buccaneers’ Tom Brady stays at the end vs. Panthers to help Rob Gronkowski earn $ 500,000

Tom Brady wanted to make sure his longtime teammate got his money.

In the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Buccaneers against the Panthers, Brady was seen on the sidelines of Tampa Bay, telling the coaching staff not to leave the game. Instead, he returned and immediately found Rob Gronkowski to complete 7 yards. The pass helped Gronkowski achieve his second incentive of a $ 500,000 contract in the game, meaning the veteran tight end would win a total of $ 1 million for his seasonal stats.

With his team-mates milestone and 14 points ahead of Tampa Bay, with less than seven minutes left, Brady left the game to rest at the Buccaneers playoffs. Tampa Bay eventually won 41:17, securing second place in the NFC.

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According to Spotrac, Gronkowski needed to finish the season with 55 receptions and 750 yards received to earn $ 500,000 for each milestone. The site also said it needed nine touchdowns to win another $ 500,000, but finished the base season with just six.

Gronkowski entered Sunday’s game with 48 yards and 665 yards, which means he needed 85 yards and seven receptions against Carolina. At the time of passing in the fourth quarter, he had 130 receiving yards, but only six passes.

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This is not the first time Brady has helped a teammate achieve incentives. Last season, he threw three passes with a bucket to Antonio Brown to give the wide receiver 45 receptions a season, which paid him $ 250,000, according to NBC Sports.

Brown missed several incentives this season when he was released by the team after leaving Tampa Bay’s 17th week match early. It took eight catches, 55 reception yards and a touchdown to reach 50 receptions, 600 yards and five touchdowns, with each incentive worth $ 333,333.

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Brady himself could be in line for a nice payday in incentives. According to Spotrac, he could have earned $ 562,500 each for placing in the top five in passing, landing (or more than 25), passing yards, completion percentage, and yards per attempt, all on the condition that the team place at least 25 in a hurry to try (placed 16th).

Brady missed pass ratings, completion percentage, and yards per attempt, but led the league in passes and touchdown passes.

He also earns $ 500,000 for leading his team to the playoffs. If the Buccaneers defeat the Eagles in a wild card round, they will receive $ 750,000 in winnings. He can earn $ 1.25 million for a division round victory, 1.75 million for an NFC victory and $ 2.25 million for a 2022 Super Bowl victory.


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