Super Bowl 2022 odds: Packers, Chiefs open playoffs as favorites to win Super Bowl 56

The NFL’s first 18-week base season also ended. The NFL 2022 Playoffs are here and Super Bowl 56 is just around the corner.

Post-season 2022 involves 14 teams and the battles for the AFC and NFC Super Bowl teams seem open. The 2021 NFL season was unpredictable – until the loss of Colts’ Week 18 with the Jaguars – so we could see another big unrest with the arrival of the playoffs.

Given that the ranking among the best bidders is not clear this year, bookmakers seem to rely on one key factor in determining favorites. It’s a quarterback position. Teams with an advantage on the home field and quality quarterbacks seem to gain the lead in the post-season 2022 NFL. That’s why the Packers (Aaron Rodgers), Chiefs (Patrick Mahomes), Buccaneers (Tom Brady) and Bills (Josh Allen) opened the season as four favorites who made it to the Super Bowl.

Here’s a detailed look at how the chances of winning Super Bowl 56 shake with the advent of season 2022 NFL.

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Super Bowl Course 2022

The Packers have become new Super Bowl favorites. Not surprisingly, Aaron Rodgers introduced another season in the MVP caliber and led Green Bay to a 13-4 record and seeded number one in the NFC.

The Chiefs, who were favorites during most of the offseason and before the season, climbed back to No. 2. The year started slowly, with a score of 4-4 in the first eight games, but then won eight games in a row and ended the season with a score of 12-5.

Kansas City is an AFC favorite, but is not number one in the conference. That right belongs to the Titans, who also finished the year with a balance of 12-5. Despite their location at the top of the AFC, the Tennessee Super Bowl odds are only +850 compared to +500 in Kansas City.

Below is a complete list of Super Bowl 56 odds by FanDuel.

team Courses
Packers +380
At the customs +500
Buccaneers +750
Bills of exchange +750
Titans +850
Rams +950
cowboys +1100
cardinals +1700
patriots +1700
Bengalis +2100
49ers +3100
Chargers +3400
Aquiline +5000
Raiders +7000
Steelworkers +7000

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Top Super Bowl 2022 bets

Best betting favorite: Chiefs

The Chiefs started the season slowly, but things have come to light in recent weeks. No, their attack isn’t as explosive as it used to be, but with Chris Jones playing on the inside line instead of on the edge, their stop unit was much better. This will be ensured by one of the most balanced teams after the season.

Kansas City’s trip to the Super Bowl is a little less depressing than originally expected, thanks to a wild card match with the Steelers. To win, the team will still have to get through the Bills, Bengals and Titans, but as long as Patrick Mahomes is healthy, they are a threat to the Super Bowl. Chiefs have the second shortest course, so compared to the Packers they have decent value.

Best intermediate level: Titans

The Titans don’t have enough love. They’ve been one of the best and most consistent teams in the NFL this season, yet they only have a +850 odds on FanDuel. They will only have to win twice to get to the Super Bowl thanks to their farewell in the first round, and they are expected to get Derrick Henry back into the division round if all goes well.

Tennessee is a different team with Henry because his attack will be more effective than with D’Onte Foreman and Dontrell Hilliard, who lead the attack. Their defense was also solid and their pass rush could shake some of the opponents they face.

Are the Titans better than the chiefs? Probably not, but they are well trained and this year they did well against the top level teams, when they recorded a balance of 8-3 against the teams with a winning balance. They seem ready to compete in the post-season, so feel free to play with them in an unpredictable AFC.

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Best outsider bet: 49ers

49ers do not have many weaknesses. We can argue all day about whether Jimmy Garoppolo is a franchise quarterback or not, but the fact is that he got his team to the Super Bowl before. Apart from him, the biggest problem of the team is the corner defender, but some of their younger players, as a newcomer in the third round of Ambry Thomas, have made a name for themselves in recent weeks.

Elsewhere, the Ninths look strong. They have a lot of offensive weapons in Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, Brandon Aiyuk and Elijah Mitchell. Their defense is also strong and their pass rush, led by Nick Bosa, will have a chance to crush such as Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

Is it likely that the 49ers will host the Super Bowl? No, but with a 31 to 1 odds they are a great choice. They will face the Cowboys in the first round after the season, and given the Cowboys’ attack against a healthy defense recently, the 49ers should have a chance to knock them down. If they can, maybe a surprising Super Bowl run could be prepared.

The team to avoid: Packers

Look, I get it – the Packers have been the most consistent team in the NFL this season. They have a 13-4 record and two of their losses came when Jordan Love started or played at least half of the match for the team. Why would you bet against Aaron Rodgers when you consider how he played?

Well, this is less about Rodgers’ fading and more about the missing value we’re getting in Green Bay. They only have +380 to win the Super Bowl. These are the shortest odds on the board and although they should be preferred to win the NFC, that doesn’t mean they will.

The Packers say goodbye, but then they have a daunting trip to the Super Bowl, as teams with a wild card in the NFC are stronger than those in the AFC. In the division round, they will have to face either the Rams, Cardinals, 49ers or Eagles. If they pass that test, Tom Brady or the Cowboys could be on board.

Packers again should win these games, but their opponents are tougher than those faced by chiefs and titans in the AFC. That’s probably best for the Packers to avoid so far.


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