Colts Frank Reich gave Carson Wentz the confidence after losing to the Jaguars at the end of the season: “He’s our quarterback”

Frank Reich is unwilling to blame the Colts for the postseason on Carson Wentz, nor is he willing to give up the veteran quarterback.

Reich told reporters after losing 26:11 to the Jaguars that Wentz “did a lot” during the season and that he expected Wentz to be the one to move forward.

“I think he’s our quarterback,” Reich said at his post-match press conference. “I think we’ll all learn and grow from this year on. You know how to make the most of every player we have. I think there were a lot of bright moments for Carson.”

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There were very few of these “bright moments” in week 18. Wentz and the Indians attackers failed to drive, scoring just three points in their first eight races. He made two critical twists, fumble and interception, leading to 10 Jaguars points.

Wentz finished Day 17 at 29 for 185 yards, one touchdown and two turnovers. He was also thrown to the top six times in a season against the Jaguars, who had an average of the third least knockouts per game in the NFL.

“Angrily, honestly. I’m a little unbelieving,” Wentz said after the loss. according to Taylor Tannebaum Indianapolis TV station WTHR. “It’s hard to fully reflect on everything now, it happened so fast. It hurts right now. We have a lot to think about.”

Wentz figures to have time to think. According to, he will set off $ 28.3 million against the Colts salary cap next season ($ 15 million in dead money) as part of a $ 128 million contract extension he signed in 2019.

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The Colts were expected to have no trouble defeating the Jaguary. Jacksonville entered the game 2-14, the worst in the NFL, and many of their fans planned it wearing clown suits protest against team leadership under owner Shad Khan. The Jaguars also led a series of eight defeats and were led by interim head coach Darrell Bevell.

Instead, the Colts (9-8) failed to take the easiest way they had in the post-season and were eliminated after the Steelers defeated the Ravens in overtime.

“It’s a bad feeling when you know you were in complete control,” Wentz said of skipping the playoffs. “It’s a bad, bad feeling.”

The Colts already had that feeling in Jacksonville. They haven’t beaten the Jaguars outside the Indians since 2014. They’re 0-0 in Jacksonville and 0-0 in London against their divisional rival. Perhaps even more incredible is that the Jaguars have won only five of the last 34 games; are 3-2 against the Colts and 2-27 against all the other teams.

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Although this loss is painful for the Colts, Reich hopes that the team will be able to learn from it in 2022.

“You have to be mature to understand that while this season may be final, you can’t just let go [this loss] be in vain, “he said.” You have to learn from it and figure out, ‘OK, why did we end up the way we did this year?’ And let’s not let that happen next year. “


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