Picture of the Titans playoffs: A breakdown of Tennessee’s 2022 NFL deployment scenarios

The Titans secured the second AFC South title in a row and three direct playoffs led by Mike Vrabel in week 18 of the 2021 NFL season. This time, Tennessee is also undecided on the AFC’s best record with a score of 11-5 and can go to the playoffs as the No. 1 seeded advantage at home and a lone bye.

Here’s an analysis of how the Titans can maintain their favorable first place in Super Bowl 56, and we’ll also look at how far they can drop in Sunday:

WEEK 18 TIPS: Against proliferation Straight up

What must the Titans do to get Seed No. 1?

They can keep their place in one of three ways in week 18:

1. The Titans win

This is the simplest and most likely scenario. Tennessee is a popular heavy road in Houston. But the Titans will also not take the host Texans lightly because they lost at home 22:13 in week 11. That would mean 12: 5 for the Titans, either a draw with the Chiefs or a match. The Titans own a draw shootout as they defeated the Chiefs at home in week 7.

2. The Titans drew, but the chiefs lost or drew

It’s almost like number 1, but that would ensure that none of the three 10-6 teams behind the Titans and Chiefs – the Bengals, Bills and Patriots – can catch up. The leveling of the Chiefs in the standings, but keeping the lead over all the others will also be blocked at No. 1. Unfortunately for Tennessee, Kansas City is also a huge favorite on the road, in its Saturday game in Denver.

3. The Titans lose, but the chiefs lose, the Bengals lose or draw, and the Patriots lose or draw

Tennessee would ask for a small miracle here to keep No. 1 by not defeating Houston. In addition to the Chiefs losing to the Broncos, the Bengals can’t win the road to the Browns and the Patriots can’t win the road to the Dolphins. The Titans, 11-6 in this scenario, would still be level with the Chiefs, but would still be ahead of the Bengals and Patriots by either half or a full match.

4. Titans lose, but chiefs lose, Bengals lose or draw and Bill wins

The Titans are here again 11-6, tied with the Chiefs and in front of the Bengals. But here the Bills would also be 11-6 and would win the AFC East over the Patriots. There are no problems in the three-way draw between the Titans, the Chiefs and the Bills, as the Titans defeated both teams.

How low can the Titans be in the AFC?

If the Titans did not occupy No. 1, they could end up with either No. 2, No. 3, or No. 4.

The Titans actually defeated the Chiefs and Bills. But they also lose tiebreaks with the Patriots (the main match from the loss in week 12) and the Bengals (conference record).

From the above scenarios No. 1 shows that the Bengalis are also in the game for seed No. 1. Depending on the results for the Chiefs and Bengals, the Titans are most likely to fall to No. 2 or No. 3 with a loss.

The only way the Titans can drop to No. 4 is when the Patriots win the AFC East by defeating the Dolphins, while the Bills lose as a big home favorite to the Jets. This is because the chiefs and Bengals jump the Titans with wins while the Titans lose.

With results ranging from free pass to the division round to the toughest match in the wild card round, the Titans shouldn’t want to leave anything out of their control.


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