Picture of the Raiders playoffs: How can Las Vegas win an AFC place with a wild card in week 18

The Raiders started in the 2021 NFL 3-0 and 5-2 season. But to get to Las Vegas for the first time in the AFC playoffs, they need one more victory in 2022.

In week 18, we’ll show you how the Raiders can secure a wild card playoff for the Chiefs and get to the Super Bowl 56 tournament:

Las Vegas must either win their own fortunes or roll the dice in a total of three ways to secure a place in the playoffs.

NFL WEEK 18 TIPS: Straight up Against the spread

1. The Raiders will win in week 18

The Raiders, currently No. 8 in the AFC rankings, will host division rival Chargers, the current seventh seed player, on Sunday night (20:20 ET). If Las Vegas manages to settle the season’s season as a loser from the field and take revenge for losing 28-14. week 4 in Los Angeles, so the beds would get to the place of Los Angeles with a balance of 10-7.

2. The Raiders draw, but the Colts lose

It is unlikely that the Raiders will play with the Chargers until extra time, they can still get to 9-7-1 if the Colts, the current six, drop to 9-8. However, the Colts are massive road favorites against the Jaguars. In this scenario, the Chargers would also advance to the playoffs at 9-7-1.

3. The Raiders lose, but the Colts and Steelers also lose

The Raiders would also have a chance if they lost to the Chargers. Before they play the game on Sunday night, they would need the Colts to lose to the Jaguars and Ravens as mild home favorites to defeat the Steelers. If these events took place, the Raiders, Colts and Ravens would all be 9-8.

There is no need to search deep for a tie at this three-way stalemate. The Raiders defeated the Ravens in Week 1 and the Colts in Week 17, which would put them in front of both teams as the number 7 seed behind the Chargers.


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