NFL Yard Record: How Cooper Kupp Can Beat Calvin Johnson in Week 18

Cooper Kupp has always been a loser.

He didn’t have any high school stars, according to 247 Sports Composite Rankings, and didn’t even get an offer to play for eastern Washington until three weeks after graduating from high school. Kupp continued to set FCS records in receptions (428), reception yards (6,464) and reception landings (73).

On Sunday, the selection in the third round of 2017 is on the verge of setting another record, this one in the NFL. Kupp recorded 1,829 yards received in 2021, far and far leading the NFL. And the last time he stands on the field in 2021, he will have a chance to break the one-yard yard record set by Calvin Johnson in 2012.

NFL One Season Yards Record Record

“Megatron” had one of the best careers of all receivers in the NFL and in 2012 was at the peak of its dominance in the league.

He caught 122 passes that season and recorded 1,964 reception yards, breaking Jerry Rice’s 1995 record of 1,848 yards. Johnson started seemingly normal during the year, catching 41 passes to 638 yards in the first seven games of the season. However, during the last nine games of the campaign, he was on fire and caught 81 passes at 1,326 yards with four touchdowns. During this stretch, he averaged 147.3 yards per game.

Since then, only three players have approached Johnson’s record. In 2015, both Julio Jones and Antonio Brown competed to lead the league in the reception yards. Jones finished the season at 1871 and Brown was second with 1834. After entering the last week of the 2021 season, these two marks are second and fourth for receiving yards in one season.

Kupp has now entered the conversation. He has the fifth-largest income of yards and numbers in a single season to overtake Jones and Brown on Sunday and move to second place. The question will be whether he can pass the record claim to Johnson.

How many admission yards does Cooper Kupp have in 2021?

Kupp has had an extraordinary season. His 1,829 admission yards lead the league by more than 300 and his 138 admission yards are the most by more than 20. The next closest player in the admission yards is Justin Jefferson of the Vikings, who has only 1,509, while Davante Adams of the Packers is second in receptions at 117.

Can Kupp catch Johnson’s record? Here’s how he collected those yards this season.

NFL Yard Record: How Cooper Kupp Can Beat Calvin Johnson in Week 18

Kupp did not have the same type of explosive performance in one game as Johnson had during his 2012 campaign. Johnson had twice matches with more than 200 receiving yards and had two more with at least 160. Kupp only reached 160 yards this season (163 in week 2).

But just as Johnson ended the season strong, so did Kupp. In the last seven games, Kupp has caught 64 passes per 810 yards, an average of 115.7 yards per game. During this section, he recorded at least 120 yards in four matches.

The first match in this section came against the 49ers, where he caught 11 passes over 122 yards. If he repeated this performance, he would only be shy in the pursuit of the yards record, but he would equal Michael Thomas’ record in one season of 2019 to 149.

Kupp needs 136 yards to break Johnson’s record in yards. In the 15th week, he had exactly 136 against the Seahawks, and twice during the season he had at least as many.

The only other record hunt in one season that is currently underway is when Steelers player TJ Watt went after Michael Strahan’s sacks record in one season. Watt missed two games, ending the season at 15.

Kupp will therefore be one of the first players to test history with a record if he surpasses Johnson. In 16 matches, Kupp is still 135 yards behind Johnson. But Kupp will have another advantage in the 17-match season, while Johnson played 16 matches in 2012.

Even Kupp acknowledged that breaking the record would come in exceptional circumstances.

“What the boys did to set those records – Mike Thomas, Randy Moss for touchdowns, what Calvin Johnson did with the yards – what the boys did in 16 games wouldn’t seem right to be broken in 17 games,” said Kupp by Rams . “It wouldn’t have the same weight for me as for the boys who did it in the 16-match season. The successes these boys have achieved, the season these boys have put together, are incredible achievements, so you have to separate them. We are in the new age of football. “where we play 17 games a year. I think a lot of the things that happened before have a different weight because they were played in those 16 matches.”

It will not be easy for Kuppa to set a new receiving yard brand. The 49ers have released the 28th lowest yard in the season at just 3,309. But if anyone can help Kupp break the record, it would be Matthew Stafford. The current quarterback Rams has been under the center throw at Johnson throughout the record season and now has a chance to help another receiver set the mark.


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