The franchise record in the match with 22 achieved 3 points in the win against the best Suns in the league

The Miami Heat were not ashamed to let it fly against the best Phoenix Suns in the league

In their 123: 100 win, Heat set the franchise record with 22 points created, which is only the fifth time in the history of the franchise that they have done so much.

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Duo Duncan Robinson and Max Strus dealt most of the damage when they teamed up for 12 of 22 triples, with Robinson beating 8 of 16 and finishing 27 off the bench.

Their record-breaking trio came in with a time of 2:49 to play … from one of the team’s out-of-season star acquisitions at Kyle Lowry.

Lowry, one of the six Heat players to knock down a 3-pointer in the game, finished with 14 points and 13 assists. Tyler Herro, who also knocked down three threes, scored a maximum of 33 points in 34 minutes from the bench. This is the fourth time Herro has scored 30 or more, all while leaving the bench.

The Heat now holds a 25-15 season in the season and remain in the sights of the Eastern Conference, despite the prolonged absence of Jimmy Butler and Bama Adebay.

Miami beat 15 of their 22 threes in the first half and were on the pace to break the franchise (22) and NBA record (29).

However, they defended their big 21-point half-time lead in Phoenix in the second half and made only seven of the 14 attempts for 3 points in the second half. This is a huge difference from the first half, when they gave 30 attempts and scored 15 of their 26 goals from behind the curve.

It was an explosive 38-point second quarter, giving them a huge lead they never gave up despite a Suns comeback attempt in the fourth quarter.

The Heat were one of the deadliest teams from behind the arc this season, placing fourth in a 3-point percentage (37.6), with only the Bulls, Hornets and Hawks scoring better.

In fact, three of the five cases (including this game) in which the Heat knocked down 22 threes came from December 8, 2021.

During the 40 games played, Heat placed sixth in 3 points (13.6) and 14th in attempts. This is a significant improvement over last season, where they placed 19th in a 3-point percentage (35.8), 14th in a 3-point performance and 11th in trials.


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