All-Star Moment of the Night in the NBA: Domantas Sabonis reaches a career maximum of 42 points, helping the Pacers in a six-game skid

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Saturday (January 8) evening All-Star moment belongs to the great Indiana Pacers man Domantas Sabonis.

Against one of the best teams in the league in Utah Jazz, which welcomed back most of its main spinning players, the 11-foot-tall Lithuanian-American scored a career maximum of 42 points on a super-powerful 18. -22 field shooting.

It’s the first time he’s crossed the 40-point mark, with his previous maximum being 36. Just look at his table of shots from the game, there’s a lot of green!

( statistics)

He started hot early, scoring 17 points in the first period, which was a perfect 7 out of 7. Then, after a quiet middle two quarters when he scored only 13 together, he scored 12 in the fourth and final period when the Pacers held back a strong fight of the guests.

In 38 minutes of action, Sabonis also recorded six rebounds, three assists, theft and a block.

His performance along with Lance Stephenson’s double-double 16 points and a career maximum of 14 assists helped the Pacers return to the victory box and break a series of six defeats. With this victory, Indiana improved to 15-25 for the season, a somewhat confusing record given the talent they have on the roster.

Nothing can be changed, but if several games went differently, things would be completely different for the Pacers, because 11 of their 25 losses came with a difference of five points or less.

Sabonis, who has been an All-Star in the previous two seasons, has a case where he could play a star-studded match in Cleveland with a season average of 18.7 points, 11.9 rebounds and 4.5 assists at 57.5 percent of the field. .

At the beginning of this season, he had a triple-double with a career maximum of 25 rebounds. It can certainly be delayed, certainly on the list of eastern reserves, by inciting the Paceras in the next few weeks.

In the first returns from the NBA All-Star poll in 2022, Sabonis did not appear in the top 10 voters among the players on the front court of the East.

Here you can vote for Domantas Sabonis in the All-Star Game NBA 2022.


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