How Alysa Liu, another COVID-positive figure skater from the US, can still become a team at the 2022 Winter Olympics

At least five competitors at this weekend’s US Figure Skating Championships tested positive for COVID-19.

Alysa Liu is the biggest name so far, which has been tested positively. The 16-year-old star dropped out of the competition on Friday. Liu placed third in the short women’s program on Thursday night before a positive test on Friday morning.

Two-time US champion Liu is probably the US team’s biggest hope of placing high at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The US figure skating team is expected to be formed after the championship, which ends Sunday night in Nashville, Tenn.

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Here’s how Liu and other skaters who test positive for COVID-19 can still form a team.

How can Alysa Liu, another skater with a positive test, get into the US Olympic team?

Any skater who has a positive test this weekend can still apply to join the Olympic team in 2022. The US team is decided on the basis of the skaters’ performance of the last two years, so the US figure skating championship does not only determine who makes up the Olympic team. although they play a big role.

Liu, for example, has won the last two US championships, so it will help if she argues. Liu’s agent Yuki Saegusa confirmed to USA Today that Liu will apply to be added to the team.

The US team roster has 16 seats: three for men, three for women, six for ice teams and four for couples. All these places still need to be filled.

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Can skaters with positive COVID-19 still go to the Olympics?

Vaccinated athletes must complete two negative PCR tests within 96 hours of their flight to Beijing before they can be allowed to participate in the Winter Games, according to the official Olympic website. In addition, competitors who already had COVID-19 must complete a medical certificate with details of their infection and the date of recovery. This confirmation must be sent to the Olympic organizers at least eight working days before departure.

Each competitor who was positive within 30 days must also undergo two additional PCR tests 24 hours after recovery. Any skater who tests positive this weekend will need to complete this extra step.

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The 2022 Winter Olympics begin on Friday, February 4.


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