Giovanni Reyna could play in Real Madrid, says former USMNT star Brad Friedel

Gio Reyna “can be what he wants,” according to former US official Brad Friedel, who believes that the creator of the game Borussie Dortmund would not look inappropriate for Real Madrid or the heavyweight of the Premier League if the future transfer took place.

At the moment, the highly rated 18-year-old is very focused on his presence and return after the last injury. He will want to be fit again for the second half of the Bundesliga season of Borussia Dortmund and the effort of the American national team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

However, the time is coming when his next career shift will need to be made, with Reyn’s apparent potential already being seen by fronts across Europe.

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In an interview with GOAL, former American goalkeeper Friedel said that Reyna’s biggest question would be to avoid injury: “She also has to stay fit. He had some problems. But he did remarkably well. Basically from the first moment he crossed [to Germany] He did well and went from success to success. “

Could Reynn one day follow in his father’s footsteps and play in England? Friedel thinks, “He could play in the Premier League. When you come to the Premier League, there is a learning curve because of its physicality. Can he get used to it, adapt and thrive? Absolutely.

“He can graft and do defensive work, do pressing if the game system requires it.” He has the tools for all this.

Could Gio Reyna end up in Real Madrid?

Friedel imagines that the best clubs around the world are another destination for a young American star.

“He’s used to a big club, so if he leaves, it won’t be a problem,” Friedel said. “I imagine that if he ever left Dortmund, he would go to another very large club. He just finds it normal and will not be depressing.”

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Along with the inevitable ties to ambitious teams in the Premier League, Reyna has also sparked interest in La League giants Real Madrid.

It was suggested that Blancos could be the target as a long-time successor to Luka Modric, the player Friedel once played in Tottenham.

He said of the big bill: “There are others. Gio would need to play many more games to control the pace of a game like Luka Modric.

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“They are other players. Luka is one of the special midfielders who can play No. 6, No. 8 or No. 10. He can control the whole game with his pass – speed it up, slow it down and it doesn’t even seem to run. something he doesn’t learn, he doesn’t train, it’s just in his football brain.

“There are many other games that Gio will have to play to be there, but could he play in one of the big clubs? Could he play at Real Madrid one day? Yes. I think he has that quality. “


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