NFL Pick ’em Pool Picks Week 18: Expert advice on favorites, upset to be considered in trust groups, office funds

If you’re lagging behind in your NFL selection, you need to take a little risk this week with bad or unpopular favorites. If you’re still alive in your NFL survivors’ fund, then there are no more “rescue teams.” No matter what type of strategy you use in your various football pools this week, one constant remains: You have to make the right choice. Fortunately, TeamRankings experts are here to help keep you informed of the NFL’s 18th week with tips and advice on five key games.

Withdrawals that are underestimated by the public can yield weekly gains, which means the difference between winning and losing in the NFL seasonal fund, while smart withdrawals for excitement can lead to success in weekly funds. TeamRankings is the only site that provides customized tips that maximize your advantage in the NFL select ’em pools. Check out TeamRankings football tips, NFL survival tips and NFL betting tips.

Week 18 NFL Pick ’em Pool Tips: Tips, Strategies

How we identify valuable 18th week NFL tips

This article is written on Wednesday, but if the chances of winning and the popularity numbers of the tips are maintained, the teams below provide compelling trade-offs between risk and reward to differentiate your 18th week tips from your pool rivals.

It is important to realize that we do not necessarily have to say that you should do this All of these selections. In particular, some upset choices can be unnecessarily risky for your pool, even if they are technically undervalued. When choosing, you must take an overall level of risk that is appropriate for your pool size and rules. Seasonal funds usually require a more conservative selection than one-week funds, but if you find that you have two weeks behind the leader to earn money, you may need to increase the number of risks you take. If you want our recommendations for choosing individual games for everyone yours specific pools, use our product Football Pick ’em Picks.

Note: The chances of winning and the estimated popularity of the selection below may change between the time of publication and the time of start. If you want the latest numbers, our product is updated several times a day.

Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals

Point range: -6.0
Select popularity: 22%
Category: Favorites value

The Bengals have already secured the AFC North. Cincinnati RB Joe Mixon is out this week after a positive test for COVID and QB Joe Burrow (knee) also won’t start. That’s why the series has moved to make the Browns a significant favorite.

So far, public figures show that most people still vote for Bengalis. Take advantage and lock the Browns.

18th DFS WEEK: FanDuel | DraftKings | Yahoo

New Orleans Saints in Atlanta Falcons

Point range: -4.0
Select popularity: 68%
Category: Favorites value

The most popular here are the Saints, but enough people have chosen the angry Falcons to make New Orleans a valuable choice. New Orleans needs to win to get to the playoffs. Atlanta is beaten at the beginning of the year in New Orleans, so it can also be counted towards the public selection courses here.

Interesting fact: The Saints have a winning record in Atlanta (11-8) since the founding of NFC South in 2002, including the fact that they went 6-1 as a favorite.

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Point range: -7.0
Select popularity: 77%
Category: Popular at a reasonable price

Dallas and Philadelphia are in the playoffs, and Dallas has secured NFC East. Philadelphia is locked into either Seed No. 6 or No. 7 in the NFC. Dallas could improve to Seed No. 2, but it would need some more upset to make that happen. The Cowboys are probably touchdown favorites now, but enough of the public gives the Eagles a chance to stay in Dallas.

Several key Eagles players are likely out of Saturday’s game after a positive test for COVID, including OL Jason Kelce, TE Dallas Goedert and DL Fletcher Cox. Since they have already secured a place in the playoffs and can’t do much to improve their position, the Eagles probably won’t rush the player back.

Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers

Point range: +4.0
Select popularity: 11%
Category: Gamble to upset the value

The Packers are a very popular choice against Detroit, which is not surprising given that Green Bay is 13-3 and the Lions are 2-13-1. But the Packers have already secured the best stakes in the NFC, so there is no guarantee that they will play their starters throughout the game.

The betting market has adjusted the line down, where Detroit is considered a legitimate chance to win. With low popularity, the Lions are of great value if you are looking for excitement, where the better team is likely to consider it a pre-season game in the second half.

Quarterback Running back Wide receiver Fixed end D / ST | Kicker

Carolina Panthers in Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Point range: +8.0
Select popularity: 2%
Category: Gamble to upset the value

Normally we would not include an eight-point loser as a recommendation to choose from, but it is the last week of the season. If you’re in the back and need a lot of excitement to make you jump in the order of your pool, it’s worth considering the Panthers.

Carolina is extremely unpopular. Only Jets (as a 16-point loser) are selected less often. About 83 percent of the public chooses Tampa Bay Spread, which is the most popular choice of the week in spread pools. But we estimate the probability of winning the Panthers at 26 percent. With so few items selected, you will probably be one of the few (in a large pool) or perhaps the only one to select them.

The Buccaneers have several key offensive players, including RB Leonard Fournette and WR Chris Godwin. They are not playing their best at the moment. The Panthers would need to have a good defensive performance, but if you need to throw Hail, this is the best game you can try.

Week 18 NFL Survivor Pool Tips: Most Popular Tips

It’s the last week for groups of survivors if they don’t interfere with the playoffs. This means that the future is now and it is not possible to save for another week. If the posts got this far, they probably used most of the good teams.

Here are the most popular tips for week 18.

  • Tennessee Titans (36% popularity) in Houston Texans
  • Washington Football Team (14% popularity) in New York Giants
  • Baltimore Ravens (10% popularity) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • New Orleans Saints (7% popularity) in Atlanta Falcons
  • Buffalo Bills (4% popularity) New York Jets

If you’re still competing in a group of survivors, you can take a look at our 18th week selection analysis and get our customized selection recommendations.

Get all our tips for NFL Week 18

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In terms of strategy, game theory is a fundamental aspect of winning tips. In short, to win a selection package, you must earn points that your opponents are passing. This means that you need to identify unpopular tips that are worth the calculated gamble and avoid fashionable upset tips that are not worth the risk. Our product does it all for you, 71 percent of our subscribers report winning football tip competitions.

If you want to learn more about football betting strategy, you can also check out our free articles on winning football betting strategies. Good luck in your pools this week!


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