How Tall is Hunter Renfrow? The Raiders receiver looks set to remain the team’s main goal against the Bengals

Hunter Renfrow simply continues production.

Renfrow received mostly high school FCS offers and did not have a star in its 247Sports Composite Rankings. But he went on with Clemson and quickly turned into one of Clemson’s most productive receivers, running at least 490 reception yards in each of his four seasons as a Tiger on his way to winning a pair of national championships.

The Raiders ranked 149th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft and are still active. Despite being one of the shortest players in the NFL this season, Renfrow was Derek Carr’s top goal of the year, scoring 103 passes per 1,038 reception yards with nine touchdowns, a career high in every way.

Renfrow finds himself in a rare company during his 1,000-yard season, because only a few smaller than he have succeeded.

How Tall is Hunter Renfrow?

Renfrow is only 5-10, making him one of the shortest regulators in the NFL today.

According to Stathead, only 20 players appeared this season in all 17 games that were shorter than Renfrow, while the other 20 were a 5-10 draw. The shortest players after the season are the Eagles running back Boston Scott and the Patriots running back JJ Taylor, who both check at 5-6. They are tied to Deonte Harris Saints.

Renfrow is also not alone in the impressive form of the short receiver. According to Stathead, there have been six other players 5-10 or less this season in the NFL who have scored at least 1,000 yards received.

Player team Height Yard Receipt
Awning Brown Ravens 5-9 1,008 th most common
Brandin Cooks Texans 5-10 1,037 th most common
Tyreek Hill At the customs 5-10 1,239 th most common
Diontae Johnson Steelworkers 5-10 1,161 th most common
Tyler Lockett Seahawks 5-10 1,175 th most common
Jaylen Waddle dolphins 5-10 1 015

1000 yard receivers in the NFL

It might sound like Renfrow has a lot of company, but historically, he, along with other 5-10 and shorter receivers in the league, remains out.

332 receivers were recorded to record at least one season with 1,000 or more reception yards. Only 45 were 5-10 or less. In 2021, there were seven of them, which is the most in one season with 2016.

Here is a look at all the periods in which the receiver had at least 1000 yards. Renfrow is marked with an icon in column “70”.

How Tall is Hunter Renfrow?  The Raiders receiver looks set to remain the team’s main goal against the Bengals

The shortest player to record a season of 1,000 yards is Chargers Lionel James, a hybrid running back / receiver that caught 86 passes in 1,027 yards in 1985. The score is now 5-6. The highest is Eagles 6-8 wide receiver Harold Carmichael, who had three 1000-yard seasons.

Among receivers less than 6 feet tall, Renfrow’s 1,038,164 is the highest in a single season. Antonio Brown, also 5-10, has two top seasons at 1,834 in 2015 and 1,698 in 2014. Steve Smith Sr. leads all receivers in the 6-foot career with 14,731 reception yards. Smith is 5-9.

How Raiders use Renfrow

Renfrow is not a burner like Hill and Waddle. Among the wide receivers drafted in 2019, his time was 4.59 40 in the NFL Combine’s seventh slowest, at Stathead. According to NFL statistics, Next Gen Stats did not record the team’s fastest time this season in any game. By comparison, Carr was the team’s fastest runner three times.

But speed was never part of his game. Instead, Renfrow found success as a slot receiver, which misses corners due to its exceptional route and ability to overcome obstacles.

According to Pro Football Focus, Renfrow forced 14 failed matches in 2021, 10th place in the NFL. However, he had the third shortest average goal depth, catching passes averaging just 6.8 yards in front of the scrimmage line. Despite that, it turned into 1.94 yards per route, with a split 15th best, as well as its 4.4 yards after catching on to the reception.

The invaders also do not try to set it outside as a deep target. He placed 64.3 percent of his snap in the slot, the seventh most in the NFL.

Carr can also count on him as a goal. Renfrow’s 2.8 percent decline was the fifth lowest in the league among qualifying PFF receivers.

Renfrow has been an invaluable weapon for the Raiders this season and will try to keep his team alive when the Raiders face the Bengals at 16:30 ET on Cincinnati on Saturday.


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