What happened to Marcus Mariot? As the NFL draft ‘bust’ found fit in the Raiders’ attack

Marcus Mariota won an interesting career from 2nd place to 2nd place in the depth rankings.

The former Tennessee Titan, once a highly acclaimed viewpoint coming from Oregon, settled in a backup role with the raiders and settled nicely. After several years with the Titans, Mariota teamed up with the Raiders in 2020.

While the draft “bust” will follow Mario for the rest of his career, his involvement in the Raiders has resulted in surprising use in the 2021 attack after spending the entire 2020 season on the bench as Derek Carr’s backup. Mariota could find himself after the 2021 season as a high-quality reinforcement or in the role of a type of Taysom Hill, if

Here’s how Mariot’s career shifted from draft failure to a two-threat backup:

What happened to Marcus Mariot?

Mariota was a victim of Tennessee: In his first three seasons, he had two head coaches and four offensive coordinators during the first five seasons. This is a difficult situation for any novice defender.

Despite all this, he was quite inconsistent and had problems with fluctuations, which was not really the case in college.

Apart from Mariot’s surroundings, he has been a magnet for injuries since entering the league, and he gets injured every year except for 2019, ironically, the year it was built on a bench under Ryan Tannehill.

  • In 2021, he suffered an ATV injury at the start of the Raiders season. It would be placed on the IR. The injury was a worsening of a previous ATV injury in the pre-season.
  • In 2020, Mariota had a breast injury, which ruled him out for five games.
  • In 2018, he struggled with an elbow injury and a sore throat, which forced him to stop two matches.
  • In 2017, he dealt with a hamstring injury that knocked him out of the game.
  • In 2016, Mariota broke his calf bone in week 16 vs. Jaguars.
  • In 2015, he struggled twice with a sprain of MCL in his right knee, while the second sprain prematurely ended his season.

Mariota ended his career as the Titans with an option for a fifth year. He played 63 games in five seasons, performing 76 touchdowns and 45 interventions in five seasons in Tennessee. Tannehill’s Renaissance career in Tennessee played a major role in Mariot’s release.

But he wouldn’t be unemployed for long: Mariota signed a two-year contract with the Raiders for $ 17.6 million before the 2020 season, which seemedly signaled a challenge for incumbent starter Derek Carr.

Mario found a gap with the Raiders: In 2020, he was a purely backup quarterback Raiders and took his only pictures of the season at week 15 as a relief from the injured Derek Carr.

In 2021, the role of Mario evolved and became something of a gadget player for the Vegas attack. Mariota recorded three jumps during the first 11 weeks of the season (most of them missed due to injury), but his role expanded in week 12.

The Raiders used Mario mainly as an option quarterback: He has only 24 snaps in the season, of which only three as passes. Most of his snaps came as a runner (13) and the remaining eight snaps came on the hand-off.

Contract with Marcus Mariota

Prior to 2020, Mariota signed a two-year contract with the Raiders worth up to $ 17.6 million. The contract included guarantees of $ 7.5 million.

Mariota and Raiders restructured his 2021 contract: Mariota signed a one-year contract with a $ 3.5 million guarantee. With incentives, he can earn more, up to $ 8 million on Spotrac.


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