Josh Cavallo: Melbourne Victory Could Face Sanctions for Homophobic Abuse Targeted | football news

Melbourne’s Victory could face sanctions after Football Australia issued a “show case” announcement on Saturday after homophobic abuse targeted Josela Cavall of Adelaide United by fans in an A-League match last week.

Cavallo, who became the only gay professional top male footballer in the world last year, warned Instagram of the abuse and said he had “no words” to describe his disappointment.

Adelaide and Victory issued a statement shortly after Cavall’s contribution, condemning the abuse and stating that they were cooperating with Australian professional leagues in the investigation.

Football Australia said it would consider the club’s initial response and any further action it could take before deciding on the incident, which involved a “small contingent” of Victory supporters.

“I want to reiterate that this behavior is unwelcome in football,” said Football Manager CEO James Johnson in a statement.

“Everyone should be able to participate in our sport, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ability or disability, cultural or religious background.

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Last year, Cavallo shared his truth in a heartfelt message on social media

“I want to applaud Josh for his courage in calling for this behavior. I also welcome the strong reactions of Melbourne Victory, Adelaide United, the Australian Professional League and the wider football community to this incident.”

Victory must respond to the announcement by 17:00 local time (6:00 GMT) on January 18.

“Josh continues to show immense courage”

Immediately after the incident, Adelaide CEO Nathan Kosmina said the club had a zero-tolerance approach to homophobic abuse and praised Cavalla for the bravery he continues to show.

“Adelaide United is proud to be an inclusive and diverse football club, and seeing one of our players exposed to homophobic abuse is disappointing and upset,” Kosmina said.

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Cavallo told Sky Sports News in October that he was “overwhelmed” by the positive reaction he received after appearing publicly as gay.

“Josh continues to show tremendous courage and we join him in shouting abuses that have no place in society and our club will not tolerate him.”

Cavallo: Football needs to change to become LGBT + friendly

Cavallo spoke Sky Sports News in October after publicly appearing gay and believing his decision was a time when football would “change” and become a friendlier environment for LGBT + players.

He said: “I want to get a message to the world to show that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe in or what culture or background you come from, that everyone is accepted in football. It should be based on your talent not according to how you look or believe in.

“We are at the end of the day in 2021 and it is time to change that in football. Having this day today, I am so overwhelmed and happy with the response I received.

“I was very shocked and taken aback by the fact that this news has traveled the world. I am so honored and grateful that clubs are bypassing me, players are bypassing me and I will eventually come to my answer. I am grateful for your support, so thank you all.

“I struggled a lot with not being able to look at anyone and I knew no one had done it yet, so it was hard for me to get out and it took me about six years. So I understand the pain, I know what it’s like . ” to love to be in the shadows and live a double life and to lie to the people you care about. “


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