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Terry Gibson joined the podcast The Transfer Talk on Friday and gave a brilliant report on the potential signing of Arsenal to Dušan Vlahovič.

On Friday, he joined host Peter Pete and Dharmesh Sheth of Sky Sports to talk about a number of topics around the busy first part of the January window and what is happening to the situation of the attacker in Arsenal.

Is Vlahovič the right man to score goals that could get Arsenal into the Champions League, or maybe they will have to wait until the summer, when the Fiorentina striker can even decide on his destination European qualifiers?

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And what about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang? Will he return to Arsenal later this month, or will he go on?

Dušan Vlahovič

Why are Arsenal fans excited about Vlahovič?

Terry Gibson thinks he would fit in perfectly with The Emirates.

“I’m not surprised that Arsenal are interested in this type of player because they play their football – with 4-2-3-1 they need a focal point, a player with a presence in front. You’ll get a lot with Vlahovich.” He has pace, mobility, is very, very strong, he is over 180 cm tall, he shoots all kinds of goals, he holds the ball well, which is really important for the way Arsenal wants to play.

“Alexandre Lacazette is currently playing there, but they are two completely different players, so if you want to get the ball on the court and you want the striker to hold it, Vlahovič will come in handy. That would help Emile Smith Rowe and Martin Odegaard get involved. games to keep the ball on the offensive half of the court for longer.

“He’s a left-handed man, but he gives all kinds of goals – a poacher, but he doesn’t mind hitting from behind the penalty area. He doesn’t mind centering at the end.”

Dušan Vlahovič

The second arrival of Erling Haaland …

“There is a resemblance to Haaland in his game – two big, strong, strong, fast forwards and both deadly when given the opportunity in front of the goal. If Arsenal could handle it, it would be an excellent signature.”

“Only a 21-year-old Serbian striker – similar to Luk Jovic, who went through a similar stage, scored a lot of goals and Real Madrid bought him. that he has a lot. “

Mikel Arteta

Is it necessary to conclude an agreement with Fiorentina?

Dharmesh Sheth thinks it may be hard to close this month, but don’t rule it out.

“I think Arsenal could make a deal. Looking back on the summer, they were the biggest spenders in the Premier League – almost 135 million pounds – so they support Mikel Arteta. I think now to shop for the elite.” players will be required to enter the Champions League.

“It could be a season they could do – it looks pretty open. It’s a great opportunity for players like Arsenal and Spurs and also West Ham. They can break into the top four because once you do, you can in this summer transfer season to bring players because you can offer the Champions League.

“The interest we know of is very real. It’s one of the many strikers Arsenal is looking at. It looks like it could be a potentially difficult agreement – not impossible – to make in this transition period. Summer is more likely, especially by Vlahovič. ” because he would like to assess every single option he has.

“He wants to play Champions League football. Fiorentina is in a bit of a situation because he only has 18 months of contract left and I think he would look at the big offers if they came during this transfer period. There is still a chance that something could have happened.

“We missed Mina Rzouki at one of the transfer shows and she is very familiar with all things Italian football. She said that one of the problems that Vlahovich has, apart from finances and the club, is that she is very focused.” Who will be the coach? He is very interested in who would coach him to play football, to improve, so it would be a huge factor in deciding where to go. “

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal applauds fans during the English Premier League football match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace at the Emirates Stadium in London, Monday, October 18, 2021. (AP Photo / Alastair Grant).

What is the future of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?

Pete Graves asked Dharmesh what could happen to Arsenal’s surprise situation, with Aubameyang absent from the lineup and relying on other options, including the impending free agent Alexander Lacazett.

“You mentioned the word overhaul there, and now I certainly feel what they are trying to do in the forwards department. Given the position of some of these players, their contractual situation, their age and what they want. ” do in your short and long term.

“Aubameyang is the big one, that’s why he fell.” [Southampton] the game, deprived of its captain’s function, has not appeared in Gabon since then and now with Gabon.

Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (PA)

“The easy part of it all, I was told, if the bids came to PEA, Arsenal would consider them. The hardest part – he’s got 18 months of the contract, he’s 32, so if the club wants a permanent business, you’re looking at a transfer fee for someone at this age and then on his salary.

“Why not an” easy “loan agreement by the end of the season – the first football team will get and then maybe Arsenal will get a transfer amount in the summer.

“His contract is worth £ 350,000 a week. Arsenal has gotten into a situation here – it’s almost publicly known that they would listen to the offers, and that moves the characters south rather than what they might consider fair to players of his abilities.”

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Who will be on the move in January?

The January transfer window has begun Saturday, January 1, 2022 and closes at 11 p.m. Monday, January 31.

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