The NFL’s top playoffs ranking in 2022, from Bill Belichick to Rich Bisaccio

Five Super Bowl championship coaches and the first four players take part in the NFL 2021-22 playoffs.

Bill Belichick and Andy Reid are, of course, at the top of our NFL season leaderboard and it’s hard to argue with 36 playoffs and eight Super Bowl wins. Belichick is the default setting above, but the rest of the list leads to interesting debates.

Should Matt LaFleur of Green Bay be placed ahead of Sean McVay of Los Angeles? Try the same question with Sean McDermott of Buffalo and Mike Vrabel of Tennessee. Of course, Mike McCarthy is also back in the playoffs.

It will be interesting to see which freshman from Kliff Kingsbury, Zac Taylor, Nick Sirianni and Rich Bisaccio achieves their first victory.

With that in mind, check out the NFL Sporting News playoff coaches’ ratings here:

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1. Bill Belichick, Patriots

Record: 290-143 (31-12 play off)

Belichick equaled Don Shulu’s record 19th in the NFL playoffs, leading New England to a 10-7 record this season. Belichick has won six Super Bowls as head coach and two more as coordinator, and his very presence in the playoffs makes the rubber match with Buffalo interesting. Can Belichick lead the playoffs without Tom Brady? We’re going to find out.

2. Andy Reid, Chiefs

Record: 233-135-1, (17-15)

Reid is fourth in history with 17 playoff appearances. There is good reason to place Reid at No. 1 based on the “right now” factor. The Chiefs are aiming for the third Super Bowl trip in a row and the Reid-Patrick Mahomes combo is 6-2 after the season. Reid is 7-6 in the playoffs since the Kansas City takeover.

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3. Mike Tomlin, Steelers

Record: 154-85-2 (8-8)

Tomlin has made two Super Bowl appearances, and the Steelers have never lost since taking over in 2008. However, Pittsburgh has not won a playoff match since 2016. The Steelers led the last-minute playoffs to extend the Ben Roethlisberger farewell tour, but the match with the Chiefs will not be easy. This means that Tomlin could have a few tricks to be competitive.

4. Bruce Arians, Buccaneers

Record: 80-48-1 (5-2)

Arians joined the fraternity that won the Super Bowl last season and has a chance to lead the Buccaneers to the back-to-back championships. Tom Brady helps, but Tampa Bay has dealt with injuries and the aftermath of Antonio Brown’s release after the 17th week. Still, the pieces are ready for the next run, and if anything, there’s not much talk about Tampa Bay right now.

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5. Matt LaFleur, Packers

Record: 39-10 (2-2)

LaFleur led the Packers to the best record in the regular season, including mutual participation in the NFC North Championship. Green Bay is ready for the next ride as the number one seed and due to last year’s offseason with Aaron Rodgers, it will be a big drama. LaFleur was questioned for a late field goal against Tampa Bay in last year’s NFC Championship. He responded well, but now it’s time for the Super Bowl. It will not be easy.

6. Sean McVay, Rams

Record: 55-26, 3-3

McVay has led the Rams to four 10-win seasons in five years and has a Super Bowl appearance. However, LaFleur won the playoff game last year and this year in the regular season. The Rams have the star power necessary to keep running, but now it’s up to McVay to lead them.

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7. Mike McCarthy, Cowboys

Record: 144-92-2, 10-8

McCarthy also has a winning streak in Green Bay with Brett Favr and Aaron Rodgers. He is the fifth coach on this list with the Super Bowl Championship and is back in the playoffs after leading Dallas to a 12-5 record. McCarthy is playing his 10th playoff appearance and his teams have won at least one match in six of those 10 seasons. He hasn’t been in the playoffs since 2016. We’ll make him do it again.

8. Mike Vrábel, Titans

Record: 41-24 (4-2)

Vrabel has had four winning seasons and the Titans are number one in the AFC despite the injury of Derrick Henry. Tennessee was clear last season and a tough match in the second round awaits them. Can Vrábel get this team back to the AFC Championship, this time with an advantage on the home field?

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9. Sean McDermott, Bills

Record: 49-32 (2-3)

McDermott is on course in the regular season. Bills is 34-15 in the regular season, which is a split third of the NFL record in that section. McDermott led the Bills to the AFC Championship last season and the talent is on both sides to make it to the next playoffs.

10. Kyle Shanahan, 49 years old

Record: 39-42 (2-1)

Shanahan has a Super Bowl and the 49ers have made an impressive final playoff game this season. This means that Vrabel and McDermott were more consistent in the basic part. Shanahan can prove it again by leading San Francisco to an unfortunate victory in a highly watched duel against the Cowboys.

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11. Cliff Kingsbury, Cardinals

Record: 24-24-1 (0-0)

Kingsbury will play in the playoffs for the first time, and there have been ups and downs for the Cardinals this season. Kyler Murray was the right choice to build a franchise and was injured this season. Yet Arizona won 11 games in a division that produced three playoff teams.

12. Zac Taylor, Bengals

Record: 16-32-1 (0-0)

Taylor’s first two seasons produced a record 6-25-1, but silenced most critics by leading the Bengals to a 10-7 record and an AFC North Division title. The Bengals have an attack in the top 10 scoring at 27.1 ppg and Taylor has proven to be the right coach for the team built on offensive stars Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. If the Bengals break the post-season triumphant drought that dates back to 1990, then it will bring that point home.

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13. Nick Sirianni, Eagles

Record: 9-8 (0-0)

Sirianni is one of six newcomers to the start of the season, and he is the only one who has mastered the post-season. The Eagles finished 12th in the NFL in scoring (26.1) and Sirianni maximized quarterback talent Jalen Hurts. Philadelphia has also won six of the last eight games.

14. Rich Bisaccia, Raiders

Record: 7-5 (0-0)

This is by no means a knock on Bisaccia, which took the Raiders into the playoffs as a temporary coach after Jon Gruden’s resignation. This 61-year-old coach has been a lifelong assistant at the university and playing professional since 1983. Bisaccia deserves attention for the work of the Raiders, especially if they can beat Cincinnati in the AFC Wild Card round.


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