Cowboys WR Amari Cooper was fined after attending the Mavericks court and was exposed.

Broad Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper faces a fine after sitting in court at the Dallas Mavericks match on Wednesday, January 5th.

Cooper was fined $ 14,650 by the NFL after violating COVID-19 protocols. Because Cooper is unvaccinated, he must not sit on the court during games, especially without a mask. The rules state that unvaccinated players must be seated in a luxury suite and must not be close to more than 10 people. CeeDee Lamb, the Cowboys’ best receiver this season, accompanied Cooper to the match. But since Lamb is vaccinated, a similar discipline does not await him.

The $ 14,650 fine is also the same amount that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers received in November after he was found to have broken several COVID-19 rules.

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It’s not the first time this season that Cooper has sat up close at a sporting event. Cooper was on the sidelines of the College Football Playoff semifinals on December 31 to watch Alabama, his alma mater, face Cincinnati. Cooper was accompanied by cowboy cornerback Trevon Diggs, but like Lamb, Diggs was vaccinated and not fined.

The Cowboys will face the 49ers in the NFL playoff round on Sunday, January 16th. Ironically, after the Cowboys’ final game against the Eagles last Saturday, Cooper was asked what measures he would take to avoid being positive before the start of the playoffs.

“You don’t want to get sick. This is a tournament. We train so hard out of season, OTAs, camp to get to this point. We’ve achieved that goal so far,” Cooper told ESPN. “We will do everything in our power not to get sick. If it means isolation, then it means the same thing. Let’s hope we can isolate ourselves so that we don’t catch it.”

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Cooper tested positive on COVID-19 earlier this season and missed two games due to unvaccinated players. Subsequently, Cooper will not have to test daily through the Super Bowl. However, the NFL has recently introduced a new testing policy in which they test players only when they are symptomatic, but also randomly select players to test.

Thanks to the updated quarantine rules that the NFL introduced a few weeks ago, Cooper would only have to isolate for five days if it tested positive and asymptomatic. Despite this shortened period of isolation, the Cowboys cannot afford to lose their second best receiver after this season.

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In 15 games this season, Cooper completed 68 of 104 targets in 865 yards and eight touchdowns. Cooper has outperformed 1,000 yards four times in his career, including the last two years with the Cowboys.


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