Did the Knicks win a Cam Reddish deal? The Hawks reportedly send a former lottery pick to New York for Kevin Knox and a pick in the first round

NBA trades aren’t going as usual this time of year, but fans got something on Thursday when ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski announced that the Knicks were getting a Cam Reddish from the Hawks in exchange for a first round pick in 2022 (via Charlotte). second round in 2025 (via Brooklyn), Kevin Knox and Solomon Hill.

The deal sends Reddish, who was number one in the 2019 NBA draft, to a new location where he should see more opportunities to play than he had during his three years in Atlanta.

Was there a clear winner and a loser in the deal? Let’s take a look and see how this business works for both teams.

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Did the Knicks win a Cam Reddish deal?

In short, the answer is yes.

Twenty-two-year-old Reddish gives Knicks a young gunner and shotgun who has not had much of a chance to prove his full ability at the NBA level. Reddish has an average career high of 11.9 points this season, but played only 23.4 minutes per game for the Hawks. His shooting splits 0,402 /, 379 /, 900 are the best signs of his career and he showed flashes of a player who could one day impress the team if he got the track.

His numbers at 36 give you a better idea of ​​what he could do, averaging 18.3 points, 3.8 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.6 gains. This season, he had several turning points in the top minutes, including two 20-point games and two 30-point games, one of which caught fire and knocked down eight three-point matches to the maximum in his career.

Both 30-point matches took place in one week, when Reddish entered the Hawks’ core lineup due to the number of players who are out of the league’s health and safety protocols.

Its size, listed at 6 feet-8 with a wingspan of over 7 feet, makes him an interesting all-rounder. It will be interesting to see what defensive head coach Tom Thibodeau can do to maximize his potential at this end of the field.

Finally, the deal reunites Reddish with his Duke University colleague, RJ Barrett, to introduce him to one of the cornerstones of the Knicks franchise and their new acquisition.

Reddish and Barrett had plenty of opportunities to work on their two-man game during their only season at Duke, as star forward Zion Williamson missed a month of action after suffering a knee injury when his shoe broke during the match.

Knicks fans, look forward to seeing some of this:

Of course, Reddish’s role in the team is still unknown, but it’s hard to believe that the Knicks would spend the first round picking on a player they don’t intend to play. It will be fun to watch it fit into New York’s rotation once the deal is completed.

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What do the Hawks have?

Reddish was scheduled to hit a limited vacancy this season, and after paying Trae Young, Clint Capel and John Collins, along with the lucrative deals they extended to Bogdan Bogdanovic and Danil Gallinari two seasons ago, they were unlikely to be able to deal with any . such a great offer for a 22-year-old wing.

This ensures that they get something in return for the former top 10 (not to mention the increased pressure that Reddish was the player Atlanta chose with the extra first round pick she won in the deal on the day of the draft that Luke Doncica sent to the Mavericks. pup).

The move is probably the first of what could be a series of deals, with the latest NBA trade reporter, Jake Fischer of the Bleacher Report, saying one assistant CEO said, “Everyone but Trae Young and Clint Capely are available.”

It is worth noting that Collins, the Hawks’ most valuable business piece, is not eligible to move until January 15 because it has just signed an extension this season, so it will take several days for these potential discussions to escalate.

The Hawks are struggling after a breakthrough campaign for the Eastern Conference finals last season, with a score of 17-23, 3.0 games back to this point, to keep their place in the Play-In tournament at all.


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