NBA Stars Voting 2022: Results from Second Fan Vote Return to Decide Captains and Basic Forms

On Thursday, January 13, the NBA announced the second fan poll for the NBA Stars 2022 match.

The first returns in the fan poll showed that Warriors star Stephen Curry and Nets star Kevin Durant were the pioneers who became captains of the All-Star teams, and that did not change in the second fan poll. Lakers LeBron James star has skipped Durant by the second most votes in the league, but that doesn’t change Durant’s current captain status.

As in previous years, fans will make up 50% of the final vote for this year’s Star Game. The remaining 50% are current players and the media panel, with each party having 25% of the vote.

Voting began on 25 December and ended on 22 January at 23:59 ET.

71. The NBA All-Star Game will take place on Sunday, February 20 at 20:00 ET.


And now to the conclusions of the results …


Top 10 voters

  1. Stephen Curry – 4,463,426
  2. LeBron James – 4,386,392
  3. Kevin Durant – 4,088,334
  4. Giannis Antetokounmpo – 3,808,458
  5. Nikola Jokic – 3 016 380
  6. DeMar DeRozan – 2,973,854
  7. Joel Embiid – 2,357,404
  8. Andrew Wiggins – 1,829,733
  9. Paul George – 1,773,447
  10. Ja Morant – 1,633,313

If the vote ended today, the fans would be …

Eastern Conference Western Conference
DeMar DeRozan Watch Stephen Curry
Trae Young Watch I Morant
Kevin Durant Front court LeBron James
Giannis Antetokounmpo Front court Nikola Jokič
Joel Embiid Front court Andrew Wiggins

The tightest races for starting places

The Western Conference foreground has the toughest place to compete, with the new name entering the starting line-up as soon as the final fan vote has returned: Wiggins has overtaken Paul George for the time being, with only 56,286 votes sharing both players. Although it should be mentioned again that the vote of the fans counts for only 50% of the final vote, it is also worth noting that George is currently weaned with an elbow injury and would probably need a replacement if he broke the basic lineup.

The next closest match is for second place in the Eastern Conference. In the first re-vote of All-Star fans, it was Nets star James Harden who joined DeRozan in the back. This time, Young skipped Harden and Zach LaVine and finished second in the back court, with him and LaVinea holding 153,730 votes.

Another race to watch out for is second place in the back pitch in the West, where Morant jumped Luka Doncic. Morant’s recent increase paid off, gaining a lead of 222,708 votes over Doncic and taking second place among the Western Conference guards.

New names are entering the top 10

There were no new top 10 names for the front or back pitch in the Western Conference, but there was some mixing between the same group of players.

In the Eastern Conference, only two new names appeared in the top 10.

Front striker Toronto Raptors and former All-Star Pascal Siakam took part in the conversation, gaining 244,042 votes and finishing eighth in the East. Boston Celtics and former All-Star Jaylen Brown, who won 217,463 votes and finished 10th in the East, reached the top 10 in the back.

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Who left the top 10?

To put it together, because there were no new names in the top 10 in the front or back of the West, it means that no names have been dropped.

In the east, where Siakam placed in the top 10 on the front court, it was the Bulls center and two-time All-Star Nikola Vucevic who dropped out of the list. On the back, Brown replaced Tyler Herr, the sixth man of the year in the Miami Heat.

It is also worth mentioning

Lakers veteran Carmelo Anthony continues to win the love of the fans, with 886,014 votes, ranking seventh in front of the western part of the field. Lakers Ranger Russell Westbrook also jumped the leaderboard, moving from ninth place to sixth this week on the back of the West last week.

Surprisingly, Nets veteran LaMarcus Aldridge remained in the top 10 in the East, gaining 216,216 votes. Raptors star Fred VanVleet continues to overtake Nets quarterback Kyrie Irving, who played just three games, and New York Knicks quarterback Derrick Rose, who missed a significant amount of time due to an ankle injury.


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