Ime Udoka says the Celtics are not under psychological resilience after losing to the Knicks

Buzzer RJ Barrett finished the 25-point comeback Knicks against the Celtics on Thursday night at Madison Square Garden. This defeat puts the Celtics at 18-21 for the season, with the last being over 0.500 in early December when they had 13-12.

Losing made Boston only the second team this season to give up the 25-point lead, followed by his main rivals the Los Angeles Lakers.

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The Celtics have a habit of losing close matches this season because they have lost 16 of their 23 clutch competitions (score up to 5 points in the last 5 minutes of the game). Otherwise there are 11-5 of them.

“Fighting through those unfavorable times is a lack of mental resilience,” Celtics head coach Ime Udoka said after the match. “But it’s overboard, a failed shot, a flaw in the defense here.”

“Guys tremble when it’s not the end of the world. You still have a 12-point lead and you have to end the run. You have to know the time and the score.”

These comments contribute to the team’s remarkable comments after several remarkable losses this season.

A large part of the Knicks comeback was brought by the 21-3 lead in the almost seven-minute section until the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth.

Celtics Center Rob Williams, who finished with six points, nine rebounds and seven blocks, completely agreed with the head coach.

“I feel he’s 100% right to be honest. It annoys us a lot, especially when we face adversity. We have to find that struggle to just get together.”

This is the fourth time Boston has lost 19 or more points this season and lost, This is the most of all teams this season the next best are the two games.

“I think we are shaken at times when you can stop it at 6-0, but instead you let it snow,” Udoka added.

It’s an attack that bothers the team. Overall, their offensive ranking ranks 22nd in the league, while their defense is seventh and their attack is ranked 23rd in the league.

Although Boston gets a chance to use his demons against the Knicks at home in a few days, he faces a problem that is more problematic than his opponent – overcoming pressure.

This adversity will certainly determine their season. Either they will learn to overcome these problems during the season, or they will continue to fall under the pump and not reach the real potential of their roster.


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