Who is the fastest NFL player? Tyreek Hill, Ja’Marr Chase and others in 2021 were placed here

There’s just something exciting about watching a player fly across the field with incredible speed.

Whether it’s using this speed to tear off the side line, cutting through the center of defense and scoring, or cutting coverage units into special teams, these great tear-off speed games always add another level of excitement to the game.

And there are several players in the league who are able to break the defense with their speed. Chiefs Tyreek Hill, nicknamed Cheetah, is often considered the fastest, but he certainly didn’t run away with the title because other talent, such as 49ers running back Raheem Mostert and quarterback Ravens Lamar Jackson, have shown that they can also race close to someone.

Is there a way to find out who is really the fastest player in the league? Sporting News finds out which players have published the strongest cases.

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Who is the fastest NFL player?

There are always several different ways to conclude about the fastest player in the league, and each is likely to produce a different result.

Some guys just pass an eye test where their speed seems to be at a different level than other players. But our eyes are not perfect and it is incredibly subjective, so we will not use this method.

And the fastest times in the game? There’s a lot going on in the game. Players must run on routes, avoid tacklers, carry a soccer ball or catch a ball. We can also look at 40-yard times, where players are asked to run in a straight line as fast as they can. But even so, a player may not have his best day. Another could have adrenaline.

There is no perfect way to decide who is the fastest player in the league, but we will provide the available data to see who could come closest to this description.

Top 10 fastest players in 2021

The NFL Next-Gen Stats has been tracking the fastest players in contact with the ball since 2016. This, like any other method, remains an imperfect method because it does not include defenders – such as fuses and horns – running behind the ball carrier. make a solution. Still, it gives us a great overview of the players who recorded the fastest times trying to avoid fighting.

Here are the players who recorded the fastest times during the base season.

Player team Top speed (MPH) Week Play event
Jonathan Taylor Colts 22.13 15 67-yard rushing TD
Marquez Valdes-Scantling Packers 22.09 11 75-yard TD reception
Patrik Surtain Broncos 22.07 12 70 yard TD capture
Jonathan Taylor Colts 22.05 9 78-yard rushing TD
Jonathan Taylor Colts 21.83 8 1-yard rush
Derrick Henry Titans 21.8 6 76-yard rushing TD
Jaylen Waddle dolphins 21.8 12 Reception 57 yards
Henry Ruggs III Raiders 21.78 4 Reception 51 yards
Devin Duvernay Ravens 21.76 4 42-yard punt return
Ja’Marr Chase Bengalis 21.74 17 72-yard TD reception

Top 10 fastest times in 2020

The 2021 season is still ongoing. So let’s see who were the fastest players from last year’s basic part. One player seems to stand out from the others.

Player team Top speed (MPH) Week Play the event
Raheem Mostert 49ers 23.09 2 80-yard rushing TD
Raheem Mostert 49ers 22.73 1 76-yard TD reception
Kenyan Drake cardinals 22.11 6 69-yard rushing TD
Jonathan Taylor Colts 22.05 17 29-yard rush
Tyreek Hill At the customs 21.91 14 44-yard TD reception
Nyheim Hines Colts 21.85 13 19yard kickoff return
Nelson Agholar Raiders 21.72 17 Reception 57 yards
Trevon Diggs cowboys 21.72 8 Hit 0 yards
Michael Davis Chargers 21.68 4 78-yard TD grip
DK Metcalf Seahawks 21.66 7 Reception at 6 yards

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Who has the fastest time in a regular season match?

It may come as no surprise that the fastest time recorded by the NFL Next Gen Stats, which dates back to the start of the 2016 season, belongs to Hill. The excavation returned 27 yards and was measured at 23.24 mph.

Hill and Mostert split the first four because Hill came in first and third and Mostert is second and fourth. Mostert is the only other player who has recorded a speed of over 23 mph. Xavier Rhodes is the only defensive player to make it into the top 10.

Year Player team Top speed (MPH) Week Play the event
2016 Tyreek Hill At the customs 23.24 2 27-yard kickoff return
2020 Raheem Mostert 49ers 23.09 2 80-yard rushing TD
2016 Tyreek Hill At the customs 22.77 12 86-yard kickoff return TD
2020 Raheem Mostert 49ers 22.73 1 76-yard TD reception
2016 DeSean Jackson Redskins 22.6 13 Reception 59 yards
2016 Stefon Diggs Vikings 22.5 2 Reception 44 yards
2016 Xavier Rhodes Vikings 22.4 11 100-yard TD catch
2016 Brandin Cooks Saints 22.4 15 45 yard TD reception
2016 Mike Wallace Ravens 22.34 6 Reception 70 yards
2019 Matt Breida 49ers 22.3 5 83-yard rushing TD

Fastest 40 times

Before each NFL draft, players are judged on their ability to sprint straight ahead 40 yards.

Here are the fastest players watched on the NFL Combine, according to Stathead, since 2000. The times of 2021 are from the University Pro Days, since 2021 the NFL Combine has been canceled, and come with the kind permission of the NFL Draft Bible.

Year Player team Pos 40 YD
2002 Donte ‘Stallworth Saints WR 4.22
2017 John Ross Bengalis WR 4.22
2008 Chris Johnson Titans RB 4.24
2014 Dri Archer Steelworkers WR 4.26
2013 Marquis Goodwin Bills of exchange WR 4.27
2005 Stanford Routt Raiders CB 4.27
2020 Henry Ruggs III Raiders WR 4.27
2021 Anthony Schwartz Browns WR 4.27
2015 JJ Nelson cardinals WR 4.28
2010 Jacoby Ford Raiders WR 4.28

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How old is Lamar Jackson 40?

Jackson did not run 40 yards on the NFL Combine before the 2018 NFL draft, but ran 4.34 seconds at 40 yards on Speed ​​Day in Louisville. According to Stathead, this time would be the third fastest time recorded in a quarterback since 2000, behind only Robert Griffin III and Michael Vick, who both reached 4:33.

How much is Tyreek Hill’s 40 time?

Hill was not an NFL combine harvester in 2016 due to arrest of domestic violence. Hill ran on West Alabama’s Pro Day and ran 4.29 seconds at 40 yards. That would make him the 15th fastest time on Stathead and be the 11th fastest among wide receivers.

How old is Devan Duvernay 40?

Duvernay achieved the eighth fastest time in the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, running 4.39, according to Stathead. It was the fifth fastest time among the broad receivers in the class, behind Henry Ruggs III of the Raiders (4.27, overall fastest in 2020), Quez Watkins of the Eagles (4.35), Denzel Mims of the Jets (4.38) and Darnell Mooney of Bears (4.38). It was a tie with Antonio Gibson of Washington.

How old is Ja’Marr Chase?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no NFL 2021 combine harvester. However, Chase was still able to drive during LSU’s Pro Day and excelled when he recorded a time of 4.34 40. According to Stathead, this was the third fastest time among players in the NFL 2021 draft.

How old is Derrick Henry?

Henry was best known for his ability to drag defensive players, use his strength to break through defenses and interrupt big forays. But he has the speed to race around the players. According to Stathead, the NFL Combine had the 12th fastest time in 2016 among runners, recording a time of 40 in 4.54 seconds.

What is Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s 40th time?

Valdes-Scantling recorded the second fastest time on the field in 2021, only behind Jonathan Taylor of the Colts. When he was on the NFL Combine in 2018, he showed off jets, raced with a time of 4.37 40, lagging behind the only DJ Chark who was drafted in the second round of the Jaguars, according to Stathead.

How much time does Quez Watkins 40 have?

The Eagles took two of the fastest wide receivers in the NFL 2020 draft, but the fastest of the pair was Quez Watkins. Stathead recorded his 40 time in the combine in 4.35 seconds, second behind Ruggs of the Raiders. Jalen Reagor also placed there at speed, reaching 4.47 seconds, the 15th fastest time among receivers.


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