UFC Vegas 46: Calvin Kattar Vs. Giga Chikadze odds, predictions, betting trends

Calvin Kattar is tasked with facing the growing Gig Chikaze at UFC Vegas 46 on January 15. The match will take place at the UFC APEX Center in Las Vegas.

Kattar joined the UFC in 2017 and clashed with who was the candidate. After defeating Jeremy Stephens and Dan Ige, Kattar lost to Max Holloway in January 2021. During this match, Holloway struck 445+ strikes, the most significant strikes in UFC history. While Kattar fired alone, Holloway proved to be a more elite attacker.

Chikaze has won seven in a row since joining the UFC. In 2021, Cub defeated Swanson and Edson Barboza over TKO. Against Barboz, Chikaze planted a volley of missiles that knocked out his opponents for good. The former kickboxer won nine of his games by knockout, three wins in a row for the UFC via TKO.

Both fighters are in the top 10 of the UFC rankings in the spring and want to take a big step towards becoming candidates by the end of the year.

Sporting News analyzes the fight and provides some insight into match betting.

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UFC Vegas 46 odds on Calvin Kattara and Giga Chikaze

According to the FanDuel bookmaker, Katter is a loser of +198, which means that a $ 51 bet will lead to a $ 100 win. Chikaze is a -250 favorite and a $ 100 bet would lead to a $ 40 profit. You have to bet $ 250 to win $ 100.

Calvin Kattar Giga Chikadze Prop Bets

  • Chikaze via KO / TKO: +120
  • Chikaze through decisions: +270
  • Chikaze through administration: +2200
  • Kattar via KO / TKO: +410
  • Kattar by decision: +550
  • Kattar by submission of: +3100

Weather forecast Calvina Kattara Giga Chikadze

Kattar delivered 5.07 major strokes per minute, hitting more than 100 shots in the last two games against Holloway (133) and Ige (105). Chikaze has 3.76 significant strikes per minute. Apart from his debut against Jamall Emmers (38 against 54 strokes), Chikadze’s strike is almost double that of his rivals. Both are about the same in terms of strike accuracy (42% for Kattar and 45% for Chikadze).

What stands out is the strong defense against the blow and the strong blows absorbed per minute. Kattar ranks 50% first, although Holloway’s fight may have reduced the mark. As a result of the Holloway battle, the stretch absorbed by the strikes is about 8.16 for Kattar. During his dominant run, Chikadze has a 61% defense against the strike and allowed only about 2.69 strikes against him.

One thing to keep in mind is Kattar’s resilience. He competed in two consecutive five-round fights against featherweight warriors. Chikadze has only completed three rounds and has been looking for the final blow in his last three matches, so endurance can be a factor. If Chikaze tries to ride like a freight train soon, Kattar could be brought to his knees or be the fresher of the two during the fight.

If Chikadze took this fight to the floor, Kattar’s 89% defense against taking off could come into play. He would have to watch out for the two-inch advantage of Chikadze’s range (74 to 72). This helped Chikadze systematically manipulate his opponents.

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Holloway is similar to Chikadze in that they both throw accurate punches. However, Kattar does not believe that Chikadze’s confidence could undermine him. Boxer Kattar can move and be dangerous in the clinch, putting pressure on someone who has never experienced it. Kattar could be helped by keeping Chikaze on his hind leg while cutting the octagon in half.

Chikaze has a lot of momentum on his side. He can easily take down Kattar thanks to his aggressive style and impact. However, Kattara’s toughness can be a major factor in all of this. By crossing the distance, Kattar could potentially bring Georgian back to earth. If he plays it smart, Kattar has everything he needs to redeem himself and reinsert his name in the cover image.

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