Fallon Sherrock dropped out of PDC Q-School Final Stage the day after 6-5 defeat with Joshua Richardson | Arrows news

Fallon Sherrock is applying for the PDC Tour Card for the first time, becoming the second woman to do so; On the first day of the final phase on Wednesday, Sherrock missed her first chance to win a tour card and lost her first match with Danny Lauby; The Q School event runs from January 12 to 15

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Fallon Sherrock dropped out of PDC Q-School Final Stage the day after 6-5 defeat with Joshua Richardson |  Arrows news

Fallon Sherrock dropped out of the second day of the final phase of Q-School, lost her first game, but returns on Thursday and Friday

Fallon Sherrock suffered a second early defeat in a row in the final stages of PDC Q-School, losing 6-5 to Joshua Richardson in Milton Keynes in her first game of the second day.

Sherrock started the final stage on Wednesday with a 6: 1 defeat to American Danny Lauby, and after the second imminent loss, the ‘Queen of the Palace’ is now firmly opposed to winning the tour card.

Sherrock started well against former BDO World Champion Richardson, the son of former PDC player James Richardson, 2-0, but then broke down and fell 5-3 before breaking down to force a leg decision. In the end, however, she lost 6: 5.

Sherrock is looking to become the second woman to win a PDC Tour Card after Lisa Ashton in 2020 and join the 128-member Pro Tour.

Sherrock, one of 128 players competing for 32 seats, has not yet won the match and will now probably have to reach deep on Day 3 or Day 4 on Friday and Saturday on other, albeit scant, occasions.

On Tuesday, Sherrock secured a safe pass to the final stage with a 5: 2 victory over Wes Newton.

After defeating Sunday in the first round, after which she lost in the third match on Monday, Sherrock knew that she needed great performances on Tuesday, otherwise she would be eliminated.

The 27-year-old started with a lime 5-0 over Robert Whybrew, then beat Kevin Lane 5-1 before facing ‘The Warrior’ Newton, in a victory that ensured she passed the first stage. For merit. Scott Marsh, who won the final stage of the final stage, ended her race in the final stage.

‘The Lancashire Rose’ Ashton got off to a good start trying to get her PDC Tour Card back when she beat Nick Fullwell and Josh McCarthy by an average of over 90, but her form dropped and she eventually gave up 6-4 to Gary Blades.

The four-time women’s darts champion saw that her dreams of running at the PDC World Cup were thwarted last month by Dutchman Ron Meulenkamp in the first round.

Q School explained

More than 650 players compete in the PDC 2022 qualifying schools from January 9-15, with 32 Tour Cards available to secure a seat on the PDC circuit for 2022 and 2023.

The competitions are divided between Milton Keynes and Niedernhausen in Germany.

The first phase took place between January 9 and 11, with 128 players advancing to the final phase.

Eight players a day qualify automatically, with all other places earning first-place players for merit in each region.

From 12 to 15 January, a total of 32 PDC Tour Cards will be offered in the final phase, with each of the daily winners in the UK and Europe receiving an automatic Tour Card. On Wednesday, James Wilson secured an immediate return to ProTour when he defeated Sherrock’s partner Cameron Menzies 6-1 to comfortably secure a return to the professional circuit.

The remaining 24 Tour Cards will be awarded to players from the UK and European Q School Final Stage Orders of Merit and distributed on a pro rata basis according to the total number of participants in each region.

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