The Nets claim victory over the Bulls

Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash may have wanted to downplay the importance of his team’s match against the Chicago Bulls, but the Nets played as if they had something to prove.

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When entering the match in Chicago, the Nets had only 0: 8 against the highest competition this season. Of the matches played against the “top level competition”, they lost six out of eight double-digit numbers and one of the losses in single-digit numbers (Phoenix) was up to 22 lower than they lost late when the game basically ended.

Losses include two against Chicago and two against defending champions Milwaukee Bucks, and the Nets allowed 116.4 points per game in those games.

Before Wednesday night’s game against Chicago, Nash said he did not perceive the game as a game of expression, adding that this would be a “big challenge” for his party.

“They want to win well against Chicago because we lost twice with them,” Nash said. “I don’t think we’re thinking about how we’re up against all the elite teams.” So [Wednesday] it’s a great opportunity to play against an elite team, to play well, to grow, to try to win, but most importantly to constantly improve. ”

Given that Kyrie Irving was able to play when the game was played in Chicago, it was only the second time this season that Brooklyn had all three superstars at its disposal, and only the 16th in total since their merger. However, the Nets are 13-3 in these games.

James Harden was ready after skipping the match due to a hyperextended left knee, as well as Kyrie Irving after his condition was questioned by a sprained left ankle.

Harden in particular found his mojo quite quickly after a single match. He finished with 25 points, 16 assists (new season maximum) and seven rebounds. Brooklyn’s 132 points was also the new season high.

Brooklyn was embarrassed 118: 95 on a trip to the United Center on November 8, in a game he led until the fourth quarter, but eventually imploded and scored 42:17 in the final period. It was a different story on Wednesday.

At one stage, the game was a draw at 71, but Brooklyn beat the Bulls 67-41 and secured an easy victory.

“We played purposefully,” Nash said after the match. “There was no bending or breaking in our guys tonight, and that was something Chicago felt.”

Durant, who added 29 of his own points, said the team did I do not want to make a statement tonight.

“I’m not trying to make any statements to the league,” he said. “Who cares what they think? We know what we’re bringing to the table, and it’s all about us. I’m sure people watched the match tonight.”

Brooklyn has improved to 15-4 on the road in the league this season.

The Nets have more home games against the Thunder and Pelicans, ahead of the Cavaliers game in Cleveland next Monday.


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