Playoff DraftKings Tips: NFL DFS lineup advice for the Raiders-Bengals Wild Card Showdown

The Raiders and Bengals have some of the longest active dry winnings in the NFL playoffs at the age of 18 and 30, so the motivation should be strong in the wild card round. Since DraftKings set the total point gain at 49.5, we have perfect conditions for compiling the DraftKings Showdown. Both offenses have expensive QBs and pass-catchers, so we will have to be creative with our DFS selections. It’s also easy to get lost in the chalk game, so at least a few dormant and value games will be key for Saturday’s first game.

Here are the important settings for single-draft DraftKings games: That’s right full point PPR, and they are three-point bonuses for 300 yards, 100 rushing yards, a 100 receiving yards. Selecting a captain costs 1.5 times the player’s original prize, but he also gets his total points multiplied by 1.5.

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DraftKings Showdown Tips: Raiders Vs. Bengals

With a budget of $ 50,000, you need at least one player from each team.

Captain: (1.5x salary, 1.5x points): WR Tee Higgins, Bengals (11,400 $)

You can also go here Ja’Marr Chase or Joe Burrow, but Higgins has the cheapest of these three and has a lot of benefits in itself. Las Vegas was among the best defenses in curbing fantasy expansions during the regular season, but we expect there to be news coverage on Chase, which opens things up for Higgins.

FLEX: QB Joe Burrow, Bengals ($ 11,000)

Several Bengali pass-catchers and running backs can feast in the same game, but Burrow is constant. It will be chalk, but we don’t think you will build a winning team without it. He has scored more than 22 DK points in four of the last five games, including at least 37.9 DK points in the last two.

FLEX: QB Derek Carr, Raiders ($ 9,600)

We expect the Bengals’ attack to be explosive and effective, so Carr will have to keep up with the shootout if he wants to keep the invaders in it. Cincinnati allowed the fifth lowest rushed yards during the base season, so when the game in Las Vegas stops, Carr’s attempts to pass should once again approach the 35-45 range.

FLEX: WR Hunter Renfrow, Raiders ($ 8,400)

We chose Carr, so we give him his No. 1 WR. Once again, the conditions for shootings are at stake, and a large-volume pass attack means double-digit goals for Renfrow. He has shown the ability to do so with volume or efficiency, and his price is generous, given that he has averaged over 16 DK points in his last three competitions.

FLEX: TE CJ Uzomah, Bengals ($ 5,200)

From the beginning of the basic part, we have been waiting for another Uzomah blast, and when is the better time than in the first round of the playoffs in the match against Las Vegas, which gave the seventh most DK points TEs during the current season? Uzomah has at least six goals in four of his last five games, so the opportunity is there and the stack makes sense here. This line-up is again based on the idea that Chase will be taken away (and heavily owned), so Uzomah makes sense alongside Higgins due to the strong connection.

FLEX: K Daniel Carlson, Raiders ($ 3,8000)

The choice of kicker is never flashy, but Las Vegas attempted the most goals of all teams (43) during the regular season, and Carlson scored the second most goals per game (40). In 10 of this year’s 17 matches, he collected double-digit DK points, including scoring at least 13 points in five competitions. With the Raiders being the sixth worst team in TD percent in the red zones (51.67), they will inevitably settle for goals from the field early and often.


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