Playoff FanDuel Tips: NFL DFS Advice Regards for Eagles-Buccaneers Wild Card Tournaments in One Game

The Eagles and Buccaneers kick off Sunday’s wild card action in week 6 retaliation. Without Tom Brady in our One Game FanDuel line-up, we take a slight risk, but we have a way to overcome our madness. GPP tournaments – especially in the playoffs – are not about playing “for sure”, but rather about building a DFS line-up that can reach the top if the playing conditions go a certain way. All our tips are interrelated, so we’re glad to risk it.

Here are the key scoring settings for competitions in one FanDuel game: The total number of points for an “MVP” is multiplied by 1.5, but it does not cost any more money as a “Captain” in DraftKings Showdown competitions. FanDuel’s default scoring is half point PPR and four-point passing TDand there are no bonuses like 100K300 yards for DraftKings.

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Eagles vs. FanDuel Single-Game DFS Tips: Buccaneers

With a budget of $ 50,000, you need at least one player from each team.

MVP: (1.5x points): QB Jalen Hurts, Eagles ($ 16,000)

Hurts is a very chalk game in most single game competitions, but with Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Leonard Fournett (hamstring) and Rob Gronkowski on the other hand, he is viable on our MVP chair. We know that he can have minimal passing success and pay off in DFS, especially when FanDuel doesn’t award bonus points for 300-yard games. In fact, Hurts still scored 26 FD points against Tampa earlier this season with just 115 yards. It’s an elite rushing QB, and as Tampa Bay struggles to stop passing, it could have huge amounts on the ground and in the air.

FLEX: RB Boston Scott, Eagles ($ 11,500)

We were considering Jordan Howard here, but yards from direct handoffs should be rare here against the elite seven from Tampa. However, Tampa allowed the second most income RB (117) and the fifth most income yard RB (781). Miles Sanders is expected to play, but has struggled with knee, ankle and hand injuries this year, so work on the reception is likely to be entrusted to Scott. This is a classic QB-RB stack that can pay off against the weakness of the Bucs defense.

FLEX: WR Mike Evans, Buccaneers ($ 14,500)

When Antonio Brown and Chris Godwin (knee) are off the picture, it’s time for the “Mike Evans Show” in the playoffs and he’s as close to a touchdown as you can. He doesn’t necessarily need tons of yards against a stingy defense, but his sharpness in the red zone makes him a strong game in FD.

FLEX: WR Breshad Perriman, Buccaneers ($ 7,500)

Perriman has a perfect boom-or-bust profile suitable for GPP tournaments, and since he saw a seasonal maximum of six goals in week 18, he could be more of a factor here. It has the same advantage as Cyril Grayson Jr., but is $ 2,500 cheaper and likely to be less chalky.

FLEX: WR DeVonta Smith, Eagles ($ 10,500)

Smith has been quite disappointed in his rookie season, so we are more than happy to be able to pursue his rise to what should be a lower percentage of ownership than is unusual. This fits our QB-RB-WR stack, and again we expect this line-up to hit a lower score, so it won’t need tons of volume to pay out. You could move on with a few things and take TE Goildt’s TE ($ 11,000) here if you trust his outlook more.


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