Playoff FanDuel Tips: NFL DFS Hints Regard for 49ers-Cowboys Wild Card Tournaments in One Game

The 49ers and Cowboys will play in the playoffs for the first time since Troy Aikman and Steve Young met, and while tons of football fans are thrilled with the nostalgia of the classic match, we are ready to attack the DFS. tournaments with our single-game team FanDuel. We go upstream and select “WR3” and “backup” running back and combine some superstar receivers to try to make some noise in GPP wild card tournaments.

Here are the key scoring settings for competitions in one FanDuel game: The total number of points for an “MVP” is multiplied by 1.5, but it does not cost any more money as a “Captain” in DraftKings Showdown competitions. FanDuel’s default scoring is half point PPR and four-point passing TDand there are no bonuses like 100K300 yards for DraftKings.

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FanDuel Single-Game DFS Tips: 49ers Vs. Cowboys

With a budget of $ 50,000, you need at least one player from each team.

MVP: (1.5x points): WR Deebo Samuel, 49ers ($ 15,000)

We love Samuel on our MVP spot because we avoid QB and RB chalk, even though Samuel works as a running back and wide receiver (and obviously a quarterback like in week 18). He may have an explosive DFS day with only flushing or just reception, but he will get a healthy combination of both. This year, in seven cases, he scored more than 20 FD points, and since Dallas allowed the 12th most yards / game (5.5), he will have plenty of chances to hit the home run.

FLEX: WR CeeDee Lamb, Cowboys ($ 12,000)

Lamb has been terribly quiet in the last five games of this season, so there’s a chance that DFS players won’t stay away from him, especially since Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson produced in a higher clip during this period. Ultimately, Lamb has the highest value in virtually all scoring formats and the 49ers are the team with the lowest 10 FD points allowed by the WR.

FLEX: QB Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers ($ 14,500)

Garoppolo works with one of the elite skill groups in the league and will be significantly less Cretaceous than Dak Prescott, so here we roll the dice with him. The Cowboys were the third strongest defense against fantasy RB in half PPR scoring, so if the Niners ground game is limited and Jimmy G can avoid turns, there’s a strong touchdown. He will definitely want to show up in what could be his last game as a 49er.

FLEX: WR Jauan Jennings, 49ers ($ 8,000)

You can accuse us of chasing Jennings’ 24.4-point performance from last week, but there’s more. While Samuel acted more like RB, Jennings got involved in the game. He has drawn at least five targets in four of the last five games and has recorded at least a 44 percent share in eight of the last nine matches. It is a real factor in this attack and its 6-3, 220 pound frame makes it the perfect choice for the red zone.

FLEX: RB Tony Pollard, Cowboys ($ 10,000)

Ezekiel Elliott is apt or unhappy at this point in his career, and Pollard played about 40 percent of the Cowboys run back snaps most of the season. Pollard is a more explosive athlete and has real homerun potential at a fair price for DFS. Jennings and Pollard should give us the right formula to avoid the same lineup as a lot of people with our Samuel and Lamb selections.


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