Joe Judge redefines what a “rock bottom” looks like for Giants, owner John Mara laments: “It got worse every week”

Giants owner John Mara admitted for the first time since the end of the disastrous season of his media team that he was embarrassed by how things were going.

How shameful was the end of the Giants season? Mara said it was the lowest point of his time in charge of the franchise.

“During the season, I thought we reached the bottom, and then it got worse every week,” Mara told reporters when he felt how he felt about the team’s performance in 2021. “So honestly, I’m not proud that it I say.” but if I’m to be 100% honest, I have to answer yes. “

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It’s hard to argue with Mar’s assessment. The Giants finished season 4-13 and closed the season in a series of six defeats. Their attack fought immensely during the six skid matches. On average, they had a paltry 9.3 points per game and scored 10 points or less in five of those six competitions. At the same time, their defense allowed an average of 32.6 points. Simply put, they were not competitive.

This was not acceptable for Mara, who referred to the team’s hopes for the 2021 season. Coach Joe Judge led the team to a 6-10 record in 2020, but the team finished the year 5-3 in their last eight games. With the return of Saquon Barkley from the torn ACL and the two new receivers who joined the fold at Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney, the Giants were to improve, especially if Daniel Jones was able to take a step forward.

Instead, the team returned under the supervision of the referee. However, the judge surprisingly survived Black Monday. However, GM Dave Gettleman announced his retirement on Monday.

Then came Tuesday.

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Mara explained on Wednesday that the decision was not made on the basis of only one factor. Rather, it was a combination of poor team performance and strange press conferences by Joe Judge at the end of the season, where, among other things, locker room problems called former Giants coach and the Washington team before their match last week.

“I can’t say there was one particular act that was the last straw,” Mara said. “It was just the climax of things. We just got to the point where I thought we had dug a hole so deep that I didn’t see a clear way out of it unless we blow it up completely and start over.” again with a new general manager and a new head coach. “

Yet Mara did not criticize Judge when she left the door, despite his decision to leave the 40-year-old coach.

“I still think Joe Judge is a really good head coach,” Mara said. “I just felt that since we are on the verge of bringing in a new general manager now, we need to give this person the flexibility to bring in the head coach as he wants. And I think that was a big part of the decision and making a major change. I just felt we really needed to start over. ”

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The last rebuild will mean the fourth restart of the Giants in the last six seasons and the second turn, when both the coach and the general manager are out of the game. Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur lasted only two years before Judge, but Mara is convinced that she will find the right one this time – even though she knows that the fans may not be so sure.

But first, the Giants want to hire a general manager. They wasted no time interviewing Buffalo Bills Assistant General Manager Joe Schoen for a vacancy with Cardinals VP Professional Staff Adrian Wilson as they prepared to get their front office in front of the coaching staff.

“[The GM] will lead the search for the head coach, but these decisions are always subject to final approval by the owner, “Mara said, promising to complete a” more extensive “process than the one that led them to hire a judge.

We’ll see if they can do it this time.


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