A woman who had her ex-arrest after setting up fake instagram profiles is jailed for ten months

Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth was jailed for 10 months at the Crown Court in Liverpool after lying to the police about her ex-boyfriend.

Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth was jailed for 10 months at the Crown Court in Liverpool after lying to the police about her ex-boyfriend.

The “poisonous” ex-girlfriend, who threatened to fake an innocent man from fake instagram accounts, was imprisoned for 10 months.

Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth created up to 30 fake profiles and then told police that her ex-partner Louis Jolly was behind the “shameful” reports she said had been sent to her.

A DHL worker, who was 19 at the time, reported him for allegedly threatening to stab her and warned: ‘She’s getting a fucking blade in her chest.’

She made 10 police statements alleging that Mr Jolly had harassed and persecuted her, leading to her arrest six times and spending 81 hours in custody, including overnight in custody.

Mr Jolly has been arrested six times, accused of being injured and persecuted, ordered to protect against persecution, bailed out of curfew and even lost his job.

Writer Ian Harris told Ireland-Ainsworth today: “You have created a completely fictitious but superficially credible network of toxic fraud for more than five months.”

Mr Jolly, 22, said they had been together for two years, but broke up on “good terms” in October 2019 before Ireland-Ainsworth began seeing a new friend, a man named Declan Rice.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard Ireland-Ainsworth, now 20, from Brackendale, Runcorn, and then began her ‘deliberate and malicious lies’.

Paul Blasbery, the indictment, said that from July 15 to December 13, 2020, she read the police and provided pictures of Instagram reports and accounts, which she attributed to her victims.

The court heard that Ireland-Ainsworth had claimed that Mr Jolly had called her from secret numbers, persecuted her, her friends and her new partner, filmed her walking down the street, sent her a video, attacked her verbally and physically, and falsely claimed, that he is using cocaine. ;

She also told police he broke things in her house, stuck a brick through her nanny’s window, and threatened to stab her and her boyfriend.

Recorder Harris said: “You said that after the arrest, the persecution worsened.

“You provided pictures of the property damage and yourself in terms of where you said he hit you with a Stanley knife and you had a scar on your chest.”

In her fourth statement on October 21, she claimed to have said to Mr Rice online: ‘Wait till I see her, this time she has a full blade in her chest.’

Closing her for 10 months and issuing a 10-year injunction at the Crown Court in Liverpool, the judge told her she remained in 'deliberate and malicious lies' that wasted police time.

The judge imprisoned her for 10 months and issued a 10-year injunction at the Crown Court in Liverpool, telling her that she remained in “deliberate and malicious lies” that wasted police time.

Ireland-Ainsworth’s mother called the police on November 15 and said Mr Jolly had threatened to stab her on the internet.

Detectives have asked for data from Facebook, which owns Instagram, but Mr Blasbery said “it took some time for the police to provide this information.”

Mr Jolly was hit on 4 December by an interim arrest warrant and was released on bail for six weeks with an electronically marked home curfew, daily between 7pm and 7am.

Ireland-Ainsworth accused him of violating the order, and her mother called the police on December 13 to report it.

However, when police received data from Facebook, it turned out that at least 17 instagram accounts created using two Ireland-Ainsworth e-mail addresses and IP addresses connected to her home and mobile phone.

She was arrested and interrogated on 12 December 2020 when she confessed before the Crown Prosecution Service put an end to the allegations of tracking and assaulting Mr Jolly.

Mr Blasbery said: “During the interview, she tried to minimize what she did. In the end, she admitted it.

“She said her ex-boyfriend Mr. Jolly harassed her, but to believe the police, she sent fake news to the police to take it seriously.”

The court heard that Ireland-Ainsworth had set up up to 30 fake instagram accounts online

The court heard that Ireland-Ainsworth had set up up to 30 fake instagram accounts online

Ireland-Ainsworth, who has not been convicted in the past, has admitted a reversal of justice.

Recorder Harris noted in the pre-verdict report that he “blames the victim in some respects,” but has now dropped the allegations.

Jim Smith, defending, said his client was 19 at the time, immature and diagnosed as a “complex” post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Mr Smith said the PTSD arose from “severe trauma” when Ireland-Ainsworth was a child, and the probation officer said it affected her decisions.

Mr Smith said Ireland-Ainsworth worked for the DHL Supply Chain and was a “highly respected member of the team” and “loved and respected” by family and friends.

He suggested that her personal difficulties were “extraordinary circumstances” and that the judge could spare her in prison.

Mr Smith concluded: “The defendants and her family are really sorry about what happened in this case.”

Answering machine Harris told Ireland-Ainsworth that he would send her to prison when she began to cry on the dock.

He said her claim that “everyone is untrue” had an “absolutely appalling effect” on the victim and his family.

The judge said, “He became the shell of the man he used to be.”

Recorder Harris told Ireland-Ainsworth: “In my judgment, you involved your friend Declan Rice and your mother and grandmother in a police statement … you involved them in your dishonesty.”

He continued: “You have made a list of allegations to put Mr Jolly in serious trouble – anticipating that this will lead to criminal sanctions and the loss of his freedom.”

“I found that there was a lot of thinking and planning in this criminal enterprise, which had signs of sophistication and cunning.

“Even after you were arrested and charged, you continued to make derogatory allegations against Mr. Jolly.”

Recorder Harris added: “In the pre-verdict report, you admitted that you were sending messages from 20 to 30 fake instagram accounts you had set up.

“You said, I quote,” you wanted to hurt Mr. Jolly, and you didn’t see that your actions were selfish. “

“You persevered in deliberate and malicious lies for five months. You wasted police time and resources …

“You have caused unspeakable emotional harm to a completely innocent man and his family.” He suffered from anxiety for months. “

Recorder Harris commuted Ireland-Ainsworth’s sentence for her mental health problems and gave her full credit for her guilt.

He imprisoned her for 10 months and issued a 10-year injunction, adding: “I express my great condolences to the Jolly family for what they have had to endure.”


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