PTSD: A former soldier builds a castle as a place for mental health rehabilitation

The former soldier built a castle in the hills of South Wales as a space for veterans and other people suffering from mental health problems.

Mike Allen, who served with the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Welsh Regiment until 2014, including Afghanistan, suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder when he returned and found that he wanted to live outside society.

In 2019, he set about building a castle or fortress in the hills of Mynyddislwyn near Blackwood, County Caerphilly, on donated land using 100 tonnes of locally collected stone and wood from damaged trees.

Mike said his building was a “great mechanism for him” and attracted about 2,500 visitors, including veterans, survivors and people with special needs.

“We’ve found that they can go through big stories with much greater ease when they’re up there because the neighborhood is so quiet,” he said.


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