“What the hell?” An unidentified “huge” object is filmed flying directly over the London sky

“What is it?” An unidentified “huge” object that “looked like a missile” is filmed flying “straight up” over London

  • A vertically flying unidentified object was seen above Tooting in London today
  • Graphic designer Gabriella (26) saw a strange object from the window
  • The strange shape flew straight up, leaving a trail of smoke behind

At least two witnesses reported seeing an unidentified flight over south-west London today.

A video recorded this afternoon around 4:27 p.m.

Behind the building, a long condensation trail appears in the sky, which is often busy with planes approaching Heathrow Airport.

People on the ground could see the optical illusion created by the flying plane, but one witness claims that the object flew “straight up” /

The bizarre observation was made by Gabriella, a 26-year-old freelance graphic designer, who requested that her full name not be disclosed.

She claims she was working on a project in her apartment when she looked out the window and saw the unusual sight.

In the video, Gabriella can be heard saying, ‘What the hell is that?’

As Gabriella talked about how she caught her eye, MailOnline said, “It was a combination of the two, a yellow-orange pastel color – but then this really strange massive object southwest of Tooting.

“There was a long string of smoke, like a strange cloud rising, and then I saw a huge dark gray thing … It was flying straight up, something I’ve never seen before. I mean, I’ve never seen planes fly straight up like this. If you see planes, you usually see them flying across, not straight up.

A long stream of what appears to be smoke can be seen dragging behind an unidentified object as he travels.

A long stream of what appears to be smoke can be seen dragging behind an unidentified object as he travels.

ÔÇťAnother thing is the large size. I’ve seen about seven or eight planes in the sky at once, planes often flying in the sky, Heathrow and Gatwick close.

“Some planes were obviously closer to my window … but the planes were obviously smaller, too.” That means the strange object in the sky must have been huge. Huge. It was so far and the planes were small compared to them. “

“I reckon it all took about two minutes, I filmed it for about 20 seconds, took a picture, then disappeared after about a minute and a half, so it had to move fast.

“No one else has seen it, as far as I can tell … but I have a video and a photo as proof: I didn’t invent it. I’d like to know what it was. It was quite disturbing. “

The Ministry of Defense was contacted with a request for an opinion.



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